Zone of the Enders 2: The 2nd Runner ­M∀RS Revealed

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. will use this year’s Tokyo Game Show event to unveil its new 4K/VR Remaster of ZONE OF THE ENDERS: The 2nd RUNNER – M∀RS.

ZONE OF THE ENDERS: The 2nd RUNNER – M∀RS is an enhanced version of the publisher’s highly regarded 3D robot action game, which was originally released for PlayStation 2 in 2002 and re-released in HD for PlayStation 3 in 2012, of which forms the basis of the new edition. All visual and aural elements have been remastered for native 4K resolution, and the action has been similarly improved with the game experience being ported to VR. As such, the new game retains the unique and beautiful visuals of the original title, but boasts textures in updated 4K while using surround sound techniques to offer layered and immersive audio effects.

The year is 2174 and the despotic BAHRAM military organisation is using its new Orbital Frames mech-robot technology to complete the suppression of Mars and the Earth. Seizing control of the Jehuty Orbital Frame – the most powerful craft of its kind – the player is the last hope for the stricken planets. Thus, using the Jehuty unit’s advanced technology, the player is charged with striking deep at the heart of the BAHRAM army.

ZONE OF THE ENDERS: The 2nd RUNNER – M∀RS many additions further enhance a game already recognised as one of the greatest space action titles to date. The new edition showcases battles that rage between the player and a number of adversaries, while the nimble Jehuty unit boasts fantastic mobility, including the ability to throw adversaries, utilise shield devices that double as weapons and access teleportation systems within combat scenarios. This action also takes place within stunning native 4K and fully interactive environments. As the towering armies go to war, buildings crumble and forests are laid to waste. The game also boasts a cast of characters that propel the game’s unfolding and dramatic plot.

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With interest in the new remaster set to be huge, KONAMI will be inviting attendees to this year’s Tokyo Game Show to take the VR-enhanced Jehuty out on a mission. Visitors to KONAMI’s booth in Hall 7 of Tokyo’s Makuhari Messe will be able to experience the single player game in all its glory within a specially created VR set-up on the stand.

ZONE OF THE ENDERS: The 2nd RUNNER – M∀RS is scheduled for launch on Steam/PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR in Spring 2018.

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