XLC Gaming Network Speak with Outplay Entertainment About The iOS Release of Crafty Candy

Last week we brought you news that Outplay Entertainment are getting ready to launch Crafty Candy on iOS devices including the Apple Watch. With the tile getting released just in time for Halloween we speak to Outplay Entertainment speaking more about the title and what it was like to develop for the Apple Watch.

In the interview we speak about the challenges they faced developing for the Apple Watch along with tip for the game.


Q. Hi there, thanks for taking time out to speak with XLC Gaming Network. Can you please introduce yourself and explain the role you have in Outplay?

Hi! I’m Wolfgang (nice to meet you!), and as a Producer at Outplay on Crafty Candy, it is my responsibility to make sure the game comes out on time and knocks everyone’s socks off.

Q. Can you tell our readers some more about Crafty Candy and the story behind it?

In the magical world of Charmville, there lives a young Candy Witch called Candice. As with any aspiring Candy Witch, she must travel the land on a quest to perfect her own unique “flavour” of magic. Join her and her trusty companion cat Cookie! Craft spells together, collect jellies, and concoct special potions. But watch out for Candice’s mischievous sister Trixie who uses every trick in her spell book to prevent Candice from completing her quest.

Q. What was it that fuelled the creation of Crafty Candy?

With Crafty Candy our goal was to apply everything we’ve learned over the last 4+ years and take match 3 games to the next level and beyond with a more approachable and fun theme, new types of special candies, and unique features such as the crafting system.

Oh, and also, a lot of candy was eaten during development to help fuel the creation.

Q. We see that this title has a companion app for the Apple Smartwatch. Can you explain a little more on how this will work?

It’s a simple, cute experience which players with the Apple Watch can have fun with. Take good care of Cookie the cat on the Apple Watch, and she will reward you with lots of presents to help you craft powerful spells in the game. If you don’t play with her regularly, she will become sad and stop helping you.

Q. With this technology still quite new what challenges did you face during development and how did you overcome them?

A new interface is always challenging to master. We wanted to provide as seamless an experience as possible so we spent a lot of time playing with the watch and reading Apple’s recommended guidelines when designing our own app. There are also some technical restrictions on animations… but the fun of developing on a new device lies in figuring out how to make the most out of what’s possible!

Q. Has it been fun to develop for the Apple Watch and can you see Outplay Entertainment using it more in the future?

It is too early for me to make any new announcements, but it is definitely something we are eager to do more of now that we have had a taste! We’re really looking forward to seeing how many people use the Crafty Candy Apple Watch app, and the community response will help shape our plans for the future.

Q. What do you feel Crafty Candy has going for it to stand tall above other games in this genre?

We approach every new game we develop with the clear goal of making the best possible game in terms of feel, look, and, most importantly, fun. And, as the name Crafty Candy suggests, we added a unique new crafting system that lets players create powerful spells to help them progress in the game. We believe it’s an exceptionally good match 3 game and hope that players all over the world will recognize the tremendous amount of love, hard work and passion the team has poured into Crafty Candy!

Q. Will Crafty Candy be made available in the future for other smartwatches?

If enough players ask for it, we will certainly consider it 🙂

Q. Is there anything else you want to say to our readers about Crafty Candy or even any tips for when the game is released?

If you’re playing Crafty Candy, we love you! Please help share the game to your friends and social networks to get the word out. And if you have any feedback or suggestions, we want to hear from you – just tweet us or leave a comment on the Facebook page.

Stuck on a hard level? Don’t forget you can make 2×2 square matches to create extra line bombs… they’re a huge help and can really turn things around. Or use the crafting system to conjure up some extra boosts for those extra tricky levels.

Q. With Halloween just around the corner we just have to ask. What is your favourite halloween costume and type of Candy?

Last year I worked on a game about pugs, so dressed up with a giant pug mask on my head. This year, to celebrate Crafty Candy launching so close to Halloween, I’ve found a gorgeous blonde wig but am still looking for a purple dress to complete my Candice costume.

Thanks once again for taking the time out to speak with us, it’s been a pleasure.

Crafty Candy will be available for iOS soon. For all you Android owners you can download the title now from the play store.

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