XLC Gaming Network Interviews Coatsink About Their Collaboration with Fierce Kaiju on A new VR Project

Coatsink has announced a collaboration with Fierce Kaiju for a new VR project and XLC Gaming Network managed to ask them a few questions in regards to the project and VR in general.

Northeast game developers Coatsink – creators of Esper, Augmented Empire and A Night Sky – are collaborating with Leeds-based developers Fierce Kaiju – creators of the Viral series – on a new VR project scheduled for release in 2018.

‘We’re thrilled to be collaborating with such a talented team – and the creators one of our office game night favourites, Viral Quarantine. We can’t wait to show VR fans what we have planned.’ said Eddie Beardsmore, COO, Coatsink

‘Fierce Kaiju are very pleased to be working with our friends at Coatsink on an all new co-developed VR title. Both Fierce Kaiju and Coatsink have created pioneering VR projects and we have a lot of respect for the Coatsink team and their achievements. We’re building something very special and we can’t wait to reveal more in due course.’ said Paul Colls, Creative Director and Co-Founder, Fierce Kaiju

We also managed to get the chance to ask Coatsink a few questions which you can see below:

Hi there thanks for taking the time to speak with us here at XLC Gaming Network.

XLCGN: Would you like to introduce yourself and tell our readers what role you play at Coatsink?

Coatsing: I’m Eddie Beardsmore, the chief operating officer at Coatsink. Along with our CEO Tom Beardsmore (my brother), I run the company and have a high level of oversight over our all projects.

XLCGN: You have just started a new partnership with Fierce Kaiju, on a new VR project. How did this partnership start?

Eddie: We’ve known Fierce Kaiju for some time, through various conferences and events, and share a passion for VR – we’ve always enjoy discussing our projects and sharing ideas. Earlier this year, they approached us with a new innovative prototype which showed real potential. We loved the concept and wanted to get involved.

XLCGN: Can you shed some more light on what made Coatsink choose Fierce Kaiju for this joint project over other developers?

Eddie: Coatsink didn’t choose Fierce Kaiju – they showed us a prototype and we wanted to get involved. It’s a very ambitious project and it was a joint decision to tackle it together.

XLCGN: Coatsink have made headlines in the world of VR with Esper 2, Augmented Empire and A Night Sky. What challenges did these projects provide and how have they helped in the way going forward with the new VR project?

Eddie: Esper 2, Augmented Empire and A Night Sky each had their own unique challenges and, since they’re all so different in terms of scope and play style, we learned a great deal during the development of each of them. In fact, it’s probably these differences that helped us take the biggest steps forward in terms of our skillsets – learning to iterate and prototype faster and ‘expect the unexpected’ when approaching new gameplay concepts. We’re very proud of the reception of all these games but by constantly pushing ourselves, we ensure we’re constantly improving as a team.

XLCGN: I see the Coatsink team love Viral Quarentine by Fierce Kaiju. What makes this title stand out?

Eddie: I think it’s clear to anyone who’s played Viral Quarantine that the Fierce Kaiju guys are extremely talented. It’s a deceptively simple concept that’s superbly executed – something Coatsink strives for in our own titles. Plus it has a fantastic soundtrack, which definitely helps.

XLCGN: Ever since the release of the Oculus Rift VR has really taken off. People still feel that this is still a niche area of gaming, what are your thoughts on this?

Eddie: I believe VR, AR and MR is here to stay. As the hardware drops in price and HMDs become more accessible and available, I expect this ‘niche’ area of gaming will be something every household will eventually own.

XLCGN: As VR technology moves forward at an increasing pace, as a developer what technological challenges in VR would you like to overcome in the near future?

Eddie: Like any cutting-edge tech, VR is constantly evolving. And there’re plenty of challenges unique to VR, the key to creating great games isn’t in the tech, but the development process itself. Finding fun and engaging core mechanics, crafting unique worlds and filling them with interesting characters, creating thrilling new experiences… these are the real challenges of development, and they apply to all games, not just VR.

XLCGN: How do you see Virtual Reality in general moving forward, can you see a time where having VR will just be as common as owning a games console? If so when do when do you think that time will be?

Eddie: VR is constantly changing and the longer developers work in VR the better the experiences become. For example, you can see some significant improvements between Esper and Esper 2 which were largely due to lessons learned and our own appreciation of the development cycle for that genre. Then Augmented Empire came along – the most ambitious game we’ve ever made – with 30k words of dialogue, a full voice cast and 10 hours of gameplay, all on mobile VR. As developers mature and discover their own ‘best practices’ for making bigger and more ambitious experiences, people will continue to invest in the hardware and, in turn, the more common owning a VR device will become.

XLCGN: If you had to choose just one headset out of the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR and PSVR, could you and why?

Eddie: That’s tricky – they all have aspects that make them uniquely great. Gotta say, some of the most fun I’ve had on a ‘high-end’ device was playing Superhot on Rift, but it’s hard to beat the easy setup, mobility and sheer affordability of the Gear VR.

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