Win $100m Prize with Wired Productions and Vostok Inc.

Wired Productions, an independent videogames publisher and developer, is delighted to announce the Vostok prize, with $100,000,000 on offer to the first person to successfully travel to and provide proof of visiting each of the planets within our solar system. Pluto is a planet.

Wired Productions and developer of Vostok Inc, Nosebleed interactive, are putting their money where their mouths are in search of the next great leap in space exploration.
Would-be astronauts have 100 years to accomplish this mission and will need to travel to each of the nine planets within our solar system. Landing on each planet is not required, but to have your claim validated you must orbit each planet, and provide unedited, raw footage of each orbit.

Andreas Firnigl, Managing Director and designer at Nosebleed Interactive commented. “I can’t believe Wired are putting this money up. Please make it clear whilst we think it’s great, in no way are Nosebleed actually paying for this!”

Neil Broadhead, Communications Manager, Wired Productions continued, “Yes they are. Our grandchildren might be very angry with us, and though it may seem far-fetched that this can be achieved within 100 years, the ideas behind Vostok Inc and the recent ground-breaking technical advancements in solar sail and electromagnetic propulsion, like the Nintendo Switch, proves that anything is possible. For those who don’t want to put the 100 years into visiting the solar system, Vostok Inc. is the perfect way to explore the stars. Plus you can shoot a unicorn gun.”

In Vostok Inc, you play as a corrupt, narcissistic yuppie, hoping to make as much money as possible in a greed driven twin-stick shooter without a conscience. As the newly-appointed CEO of Vostok Inc., you have one goal: to become filthy, stinking rich. Piloting your very own ship, explore and exploit more than 40 planets across six different solar systems in your quest to earn ludicrous amounts of MOOLAH!

Start by landing on any planet to begin colonization, build factories, and rake in the big bucks. Once the MOOLAH starts flowing, you’ll be able to upgrade your ship’s weapons and augmentations. Increase profits even further by finding and recruiting managers, consultants, and executives scattered throughout the galaxy.

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