Video Game Soundtracks Remain in the Classic FM Hall of Fame for the 5th year Running

Over 170,000 votes were cast this year, according to the station, and 11 video game soundtracks now feature in the annual top 300 chart, including a re-entry for Austin Wintory’s score to Journey and two new entries – Jessica Curry’s music to Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and the soundtrack to Shenmue, which was the chart’s highest new entry at #144 (and the second year in a row that the chart’s highest new entry has been from a video game score).

Nobuo Uematsu’s music for the Final Fantasy series remains in the top 20, a feat it has managed every year since entering the chart back in 2012, while Yoko Shimomura is still the highest placed female composer in the whole chart at #31.

All the game tracks for those that are interested:

  • #272, Viva Pinata, Grant Kirkhope
  • #269, World of Warcraft, Russell Brower et al.
  • #268, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Jessica Curry
  • #221, Journey, Austin Wintory
  • #144, Shenmue, Yuzo Koshiro & Ryuji Iuchi,
  • #135, The Legend of Zelda, Koji Kondo
  • #126, Blue Dragon, Nobuo Uematsu
  • #120, The Elder Scrolls, Jeremy Soule
  • #98, Banjo Kazooie, Grant Kirkhope
  • #31, Kingdom Hearts, Yoko Shimomura
  • #17, Final Fantasy, Nobuo Uematsu

If you’d like to hear more video game music on the radio, the next video game special is this Saturday on Classic FM at 5pm.

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