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Vainglory Developers Celebrate A Year of Achievement

Vainglory has already attracted over a million monthly unique viewers on Twitch and announces NVIDIA and Amazon Appstore as sponsors for their Autumn Live Finals.

Game developers Super Evil Megacorp last week celebrated their first birthday since the initial launch of Vainglory on the Apple App Store and the start of operations in China – with Vainglory being the most downloaded free app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Now the studio is proud to share the scoop about a few crucial milestones they have reached this year.

Vainglory, the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) perfected for touch had already attracted over a million unique viewers on Twitch in September alone.The team at Super Evil Megacorp had not expected the game to take off quite so quickly, building an engaged community so quickly. Even without taking into account local streaming services from other countries, millions of gamers have tuned in to the action-filled streams of Vainglory – and this is just the start!

Vainglory attracted interest not only from players and fans but also from the professional e-sports scene. SK Gaming (, one of the top competitive eSports teams in the world, recently announced the acquisition of Vainglory organization R3D Gaming [, whose players are based throughout Europe. SK Gaming has been active since 1997 and can boast many great achievements in the field of e-sports. It is home to top teams across games like CS:GO, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, among others.

Alexander Müller, SK Gaming Managing Director commented: “There is huge potential for eSports on touch screens and Vainglory is the leading competitive-level touch game out there. We’re thrilled to set up a professional Vainglory team and look forward to competing in tournaments soon.”

Martin Marquardt, Co-founder and Managing Director of R3D Gaming, added: “We are ecstatic to have been picked up by one of the most respected eSports clubs in the world to compete in Vainglory and other tournaments on touch devices. SK Gaming has deep roots in the eSports industry, and transforming R3D Gaming into the SK mobile division will usher in a new era for the entire genre.”

Finals for the Autumn Season 2015 will continue throughout December and are divided into two regions – North America (4-6 December), and Europe. The European Finals will be held in the ESL studio in Katowice (11-13 December). Be sure to grab your tickets here before they run out – just head to The tickets cost $10 and include access to all three days of the tournament.

The Eight top teams that will be selected in the qualifying rounds on VGL ( will compete for a prize pool of 15.000 USD (about 10 000 GBP) and the title of Autumn Season 2015 Champions. This tournament offers not only great excitement and fierce competition, but also a superb opportunity to meet the best players and see them putting their extraordinary skills into action. UK-based team Angry Pandas has qualified for the Live Finals in Poland and here’s what their player Gagan Singh Khurana says:

“I started playing Vainglory around this time last year – it’s my first MOBA, I’ve played many MMOs in the past. I originally played by just meeting people through the Vainglory chat, jumping into matches and getting better at the game together. There were periods of inactivity due to my exams, but after watching Tony and Leya play in Fietsbellen in the first ESL I decided to talk to them about joining them competitively: lo and behold, Angry Pandas was formed and we’re excited to compete at this level.”

The Autumn Season 2015 Live Finals in in North America and Europe have very powerful sponsors – NVIDIA and Amazon Appstore decided to support the events. Super Evil Megacorp’s other eSport partners include companies such as OGN, ESL, Twitch and eSports arena. Guests will have the unique opportunity to get to know the best players and meet developers of Vainglory. To watch the matches, players can join the live events or watch live broadcasts on

Last Thursday Vainglory debuted in China and in only 12 hours zoomed right up into first place on the Downloaded Apps chart for both iPhone and iPad. In addition, Giant announced the first Chinese Vainglory tournament, which will be held 20-22 November, in Shanghai. The total prize pool exceeds 65.000 USD (about 42 000 GBP). The winning team will qualify for the International Premier League, which will be broadcast live from Seoul in South Korea and will begin on 3rd December.

Super Evil Megacorp would like to thank all the players and partners for making the past year so special. The creators wish to further develop and promote the visceral experience of Vainglory within the e-sports industry, and hope that next year will be equally exciting!

You can download Vainglory for free from Apple’s App Store, Google Play or the Amazon App Store.

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