Total War: Arena Changes up Close Combat in Patch 10 – Live Now

Total War: ARENA Patch 10 is now live and brings significant new features, including changes to collision, combat, rewards, UI and Commander abilities.

Implemented thanks to detailed feedback from the players testing the Alpha, the introduction of soft collision between hostile units fundamentally changes the moment-to-moment combat in the game. In addition the timing and placement of charges has become far more critical, and differing player roles on the battlefield now have much greater importance. A Decap reward has been added, awarded when a player stops a unit capturing their base, and adding significance to the defensive roles.

See these new features in action, and the tactical possibilities they provide in this Patch 10 Spotlight video

For the full Patch Notes visit:

Total War: ARENA is a free to play, team-based strategy game, where two teams of 10 go head-to-head in epic scale battles. To join the Closed Alpha, sign up at

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