Ticket to Ride Travels From Board Games to Real Life Across Europe, Beginning in London on September 18th

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Asmodee Group, a leading international games publisher and distributor, is delighted to announce a huge initiative to bring the classic board game Ticket to Ride to life across Europe.

Visiting London, Paris, Frankfurt and Copenhagen, the central character of the board game, Max, played by Johanna Botta, goes off the beaten path to discover new adventures and introduce new people to the delights of board games. Anyone can join in the fun with Max, and play a game of Ticket to Ride in unique locations that go beyond the guidebook.

From London, it’s off to Paris, France on September 19th at Marche Des Enfants Rouges, the oldest covered market in Paris, where Max will meet with Chez Alain Miam Miam to sample some of the best sandwiches and crepes in the whole of France! On September 20th, Max will visit L’Recyclerie, an eco-friendly restaurant that upcycles and reuses as many materials as possible, all and set in a former railway station on the Petite Ceinture.

The adventure continues into Frankfurt, Germany on September 21st at the Drachenfelsbahn, a railway system built in 1882 which takes in the local tourist attraction of Dragons Rock.

The adventure continues with Max visiting Copenhagen, Denmark on September 23rd & 24th where she will meet with even more interesting people and visit more unique venues before settling down for more games of Ticket to Ride!

Finally, Max will return to London on the 24th September for a date with British Pullman Trains and a game or two at the Draughts Board Game Café in Hackney, London.

Ticket to Ride’s Year of the Train timetable:

  • Monday, September 18th – London, United Kingdom
  • Tuesday, September 19th – Paris, France
  • Wednesday, September 20th – Paris, France
  • Thursday, September 21st – Frankfurt, Germany
  • Saturday, September 23rd – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Monday, September 24th – London, United Kingdom

If you’re a fan of Ticket to Ride, or want to know how it became one of the most popular board games of all time, head over to the iconic locations to play Max at her own game. If you’re adventurous enough to get a golden ticket, register your details on the www.tickettoridewithmacx.com website, and you’ll be entered into a Grand Prize Draw to win a once in a lifetime trip aboard the World famous, Venice Simplon Orient Express!

To follow Max on her incredible journey and to learn more about Ticket to Ride, head to www.tickettoridewithmax.com. Everyone who registers will receive a FREE Steam key for the full Ticket to Ride game for PC.

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