This Halloween Bring on The Tricks and The Treats With Crafty Candy

Outplay Entertainment’s Sweet New Match Three Mobile Game and Apple Watch Companion App Launching in Time for Halloween.

Halloween is about to get even sweeter, as Outplay Entertainment unveils its delectable new puzzle adventure, Crafty Candy. Featuring a spellbinding storyline, delightful characters, perplexing puzzles, and magic spells crafted from candy, Crafty Candy is set to be a real treat for match three and casual mobile gamers when it launches globally in October.

In Crafty Candy, players help Candice, an apprentice candy witch, as she travels through Charmville, an enchanted land where candy grows on trees and chocolate is mined from mountains. Her faithful companion, Cookie the cat, is always by her side. Candice is on a quest to become the ultimate candy witch—but her mischievous sister, Trixie, loves to use her sticky bubblegum magic to foil Candice’s plans.

Crafty Candy puts the “craft” in witchcraft: players can gather candy and use it to create their own scrumptious spells. As the game progresses, they’ll encounter clever crafting challenges, discover divine new recipes, and unlock oodles of tasty ingredients.

The Apple Watch companion app offers players another flavor of Crafty Candy fun. Players can take care of Cookie, Candice’s friendly cat, from their Apple Watch. They’ll be rewarded for their efforts with magical ingredients for their spells.

“Crafty Candy is an enchanting match three game with charming characters, unique gameplay, and a captivating story,” said Douglas Hare, CEO, Outplay Entertainment. “Players will love helping Candice on her journey through Charmville, with its beautiful graphics and bewitching music—and they’re sure to enjoy crafting and casting spells made from delicious candy.”

Crafty Candy will release on iOS and Android in October as a free-to-play experience with optional premium purchases.

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