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The Lowdown On Tanki Online And What Is In Store For The Future

Last Week I was invited to a press event to experience the features and gameplay of the rather popular browser based title Tanki Online. At the event we got a demonstration of the game as well as a chance to play it ourselves. AlternativaPlatform also gave us details of what is in the works for the future of the game which I know fans will be exceptionally happy with. I can also confirm that with my short time playing the game I was instantly hooked and can see the addiction to the game especially with old skool FPS gamers looking for something a little different.

If you have never heard of Tanki Online before then I can’t stress enough for you to give it a go. It is a free-to-play browser based tank battle game that doesn’t require any downloading or personal information, in fact you will be in your tank in minutes. It has been going since 2009 and has built up over 40 million accounts. Players take control of a tank, which is customizable, and head to the battle field in over 70 3D arenas to choose from. They are decked out fully with building, bushes and bridges etc. They all have a winter and summer version too. In fact there are even a few real world based maps which are a joy to play. I was able to play on the Rio map which the team used for their Brazil launch. The physics of the game are quite impressive with tanks able to fall from bridges as well as roll over and get stuck in pits.


The matches are split into four game modes which are Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Control Point. It has the fast and frantic gameplay feeling of the likes of Quake and Unreal Tournament but with tanks. It couldn’t be any simpler to play and has a wealth of customizations that affect what type if gameplay experience you have. Best of all its free, there’s no download required and its ultra addictive. As you rank up in the game you will gain access to better items and the various upgrade tiers for each.

The customization is quite in-depth and allows you to think of your set up as a class like you would in a FPS title. You have the Turret, Hull and Paint all of which contribute to give you multiple gaming experiences. For example certain turrets can knock you over depending on what Hull you use.

There are nine different turrets to choose from each having their own pros and cons, as well as the ability to counteract other turrets. They range in power and fire rate and are upgradable. Turret selection is the staring point of what type of game experience you have. Some turrets are great for going all in guns blazing, where some are more suited to defending and other supporting. If it’s going to be a close quarter battle then you will want to use something like the Firebird turret. This does great damage and keeps damaging the enemy for a short time after. The downside is the short range and takes time to recharge. A great feature of the turrets are their counteracting effect. For example if you are hit with a Freeze turret and have the Firebird turret, firing this will unfreeze you making the games ultra competitive. The other turrets in the game are Smokey; Twins; Railgun; Isida; Thunder; Ricochet; and shaft.

The Hull which is the main body of the tank will affect the speed, armour and weight all impacting the controls of the tank. There are light ones for fast movement but offer minimal protection, were as the heavy hulls slow you down but are almost bullet proof in protection. With seven available you are sure to find a happy medium which will suit your own style of gameplay.

The final piece of the customization puzzle is the paint which isn’t just there to make your tank look sexy. The paint helps give you protection from certain guns with special paints given to winners of special events held by the makers. Various paints can also work to your advantage on various maps to help make you hard to spot.

So What About The Future of Tanki Online?
Now it’s time to get to the most impressive bit of the event which outlines the future of Tanki Online. During the Q&A session after our play through AlternativaPlatform answered some questions that we know fans will want answers too. When asked about future plans they confirmed to us that they are working on a new and improved version of Tanki Online in the Unity Engine. This will mean great things to come with major improvements and is expected to launch next year. You can take a look at the screenshots below and see how much the graphics have improved.

The new version will have new game modes, more guns and more Hulls although the team couldn’t go into too much detail as of yet, rest assured though as fans will be in for a treat. The new version will also have cross platform multiplayer which is at the core of the plans. This is made possible thanks to the Unity platform and with the boost in graphics the game will be a must have for fans. You will also be able to get different bonuses and privileges compared to the current version of Tanki Online. They were also asked about having the opportunity to design your own paint jobs. They replied saying that while they may not allow the design of paint jobs they are looking at allowing you to design logos etc to personalize your tank with.

For current players who might not want to make the change to the new version straight away have nothing to fear. AlternativaPlatform have told us that they will maintain both titles simultaneously as well as introduce two new turrets at the end of the year for the current version. When you do take the leap to the new version they assured us that players will be able to transfer their current account over to the new version.

Chances are a lot of people reading this may not have heard of Tanki Online before and if you haven’t I do urge you to give it a try. The game really is like Quake but with tanks and is instantly addictive. With no need for any downloading you can be in your tank blowing stuff up in a matter of minutes. For those new to the game you will have no problem playing as it easy to learn but a challenge to master. Battles are fast, rewarding and makes for a great multiplayer gaming session.

AlternativaPlatform really do need to be applauded in their plans going forward by keeping both versions of the game up simultaneously. The team really do care for both sets of fans. With their plans going forward the use of Unity will allow them to produce better graphics and make it more accessible in various platforms. This will also see the game become even more popular all over the world.

You can start playing Tanki Online now by just clicking here.


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