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Sacred Legends Out Now On The App Store And Google Play

Sacred Legends, the new mobile RPG based on the popular PC and console brand, has now launched globally. As of today, the “sword and sorcery” epic can be downloaded free of charge for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

The acclaimed Sacred brand cuts its way onto the mobile platform with today’s worldwide release of Sacred Legends on the App Store and Google Play. The action-packed co-op RPG has been realized by two of Germany’s leading forces in the mobile market, Deep Silver FISHLABS (Galaxy on Fire series) and Chimera Entertainment (makers of Angry Birds Epic). Both the iOS and the Android version of Sacred Legends can now be downloaded for free from the respective stores.

Sacred Legends puts its players in the roles of brave heroes resolved to save the ill-fated kingdom of Ancaria from the terror of relentless Demon Lords. Yet, the road to victory is long, hard and paved with fierce battles against hordes of merciless opponents. While players can support each other on the battlefield, they can also lock horns with one another in the PvP arena. Thanks to its stunning 3D graphics and serious tonality, Sacred Legends offers a full RPG experience with a twist. The app adapts all key elements of classic fantasy gaming for mobile play.

Sacred Legends’ valiant values:

  • An epic RPG for smartphones and tablets
  • Real-time combat in 3D with a unique skill system
  • Embedded asynchronous multiplayer including friend support
  • Flexible character development and true RPG gameplay
  • Three distinct character classes: Warrior, Archer and Seraphim
  • A vast game world full of wonder and danger
  • Addictive gameplay adapted for touchscreen devices

Sacred Legends is now available as a free app with in-app purchases for a broad range of iOS and Android devices. It requires at least 1GB of RAM as well as iOS 7 (or higher) or Android OS 4.3 (or higher).

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Google Play:

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