RYO HAZUKI, M. BISON, METAL FACE & More Join Project X Zone 2

Three new playable characters were announced earlier today for Tactical-RPG Project X Zone 2.

Ingrid (Street Fighter series), Estelle (Tales of Vesperia) and Ryo Hazuki (Shenmue) all enter the arena, but heroes are nothing without foes to match… and 6 of them are also joining the cast:

M Bison (« Street Fighter » series – CAPCOM)PXZ2_CAPCOM_SFseries_MBison_embargo_Oct8th_1444323828

Pyron (« Darkstalkers » series – CAPCOM)PXZ2_CAPCOM_Darkstalkers_Pyron_embargo_Oct8th_1444323828

Black Hayato (Star Gladiator – CAPCOM)PXZ2_CAPCOM_StarGladiator_BlackHayato_embargo_Oct8th_1444323829

Ranmaru Mori (Sakura Wars – SEGA)PXZ2_SEGA_SakuraWars_RanmaruMori_embargo_Oct8th_1444323831

T-Elos (« Xenosaga » series – BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment)PXZ2_BNE_Xenosaga_T-elos_embargo_Oct8th_1444323827

Metal Face (« Xenoblade Chronicles » – Nintendo)PXZ2_NINTENDO_XenoC_MetalFace_embargo_Oct8th_1444323830

Stay tuned for some more reveals over the next few weeks leading to the game release on 19th February, 2016!

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