Runescape Reveals A New Slayer Dungeon and Level Cap Increase

RuneScape has revealed a brand-new Slayer Dungeon as part of its upcoming RuneScape Expansion, Menaphos The Golden City, which launches on 5th June. Under the streets of Menaphos’s plague-wracked twin city of Sophanem, players must descend into the dark and infested catacombs and fight back against the corruption that eats away at the town – and threatens The Golden City itself.

The launch of Menaphos will also see a level cap increase to 120 in Slayer1, one of the most popular of RuneScape’s 27 skills, each of which can be levelled up to progress their in-game character.

The path into the depths of the dark dungeon will take players from the burial tombs near the surface deep underground, where the corrupted monsters and worshippers of the gods dwell. In a shift from typical Slayer Dungeons, loot dropped by vanquished enemies can be automatically sent to a brand-new loot chest during the course of the adventure, allowing players to focus on combat whilst knowing you’ll be able to pore over all your gained treasures at the end.

Explore the depths of the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon on 5th June.

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