Roto VR Chair Celebrates the Launch of Ready Player One and Gives an Update on The Latest Progress

It has been quite the journey for Roto VR since the first announcement back in 2015.

Originally pitched as an Interactive VR Chair for VR games, the scope of the project has expanded to an incredible degree. Roto VR is now compatible with, compliments and enhances all AR, VR, 360 hardware AND software out of the box (except for PSVR).

“It’s certainly not just about gaming, we are fortunate to have a unique insight into a wide range of complementary businesses / concepts,” noted Elliott Myers. “For example:

  • Blue chip companies are looking to VR to boost their brands as well as productivity
  • Game arcades, shopping malls, hotels, airports and internet cafes are starting to adopt VR to boost business
  • Universities, schools, movie theatres and stadiums are looking to transition towards interactive seating
  • E-Sports, Theme Parks, Travel Agencies and Property Developers are investing VR for new customer engagement

The team can’t wait to see how profoundly Roto VR is going to help to shape the landscape of seated interactivity worldwide.”

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Roto VR Chair headline picture
Roto VR Chair has been designed for VR, AR and 360 content from the ground up physically rotating users in the real world while matching their movements in virtual reality. Roto VR Chair seamlessly adds a greater sense of immersion to ALL VR experiences.

By matching physical movements to those experienced in the virtual world, players’ eyes and inner-ear balance detectors are in sync making VR feel much more real while addressing many of the inherent challenges associated with VR headsets – tangling cables, motion sickness, comfort and safety.

The latest update on Roto VR can be read in full below:

We’re sorry for the lack of communication. Developments have been fast moving, so much so, it has proven difficult to post updates which we felt were sufficiently reliable.

Production started three times, in December, February and March, however our quality department (quite rightly) refused to allow shipments to leave the factory, for having found bugs which could have resulted in safety concerns.

At the time of this update, we are adding two additional safety features (one inside the Roto Base and one inside the Roto Headtracker) which, when complete, will fully satisfy all safety requirements.

For example, we have found our Headtracker needs to automatically detect if the user has taken off their headset, so as to avoid the chair spinning in what would appear to be an uncontrolled manner just as the user tries to get off the chair.

We can’t assume users, especially first time users in arcade locations (for example), will follow instructions which quite frankly were unintuitive (for example ‘please turn off the Headtracker before removing your headset’ just doesn’t work).

Roto is a long term solution to big problems facing the VR, AR & MR industries. We are super excited to launch, but safety must come first.

Our factory is geared up to mass produce quickly, with stocks of components at the ready. Once we start shipping, all awaiting customers can be serviced quickly. Our logistics and distribution partners are global leaders in their field.

As a general guide, please assume your Roto will arrive in late May-June. We will contact you individually as soon as your Roto is ready to ship to double-confirm the address details we have on file remain correct.

If you have completed a Development Kit Form or a Consumer Roto Form, thank you. We will still use these forms when prioritizing shipments.

On a more positive note, we have continued to add features to Roto. For example our Double Rumble feature is now able to be fully controlled by software developers via our SDK.

Whilst Roto is clearly brilliant at turning users left and right, we have found that subtle use of our rumble feature, in unison with timed visual stimulus, developers can make users feel like they are also moving forwards and backwards. We felt this to be such a big deal, we’ve added this feature to every Roto VR chair from launch. This is in addition to our ‘audio’ rumble feature, which works with all existing content out of the box. The rumble components themselves have also been upgraded from ‘bass shakers’ (vibrating speakers) to powerful motors with sizable off-set weights, giving a quality feeling with depth and substance.

We have also created a software platform whereby users can record ‘turn sequences’ for their favorite movies (or 360 Go-Pro holiday videos) with ease using an Xbox controller – and then share their creative experiences with other Roto customers. We hope to encourage users to vote on each other’s experiences and we’ll issues prizes for winners in different categories.

We have also created an Android Roto Movie Player App, which allows users to play back these same sequences on android devices such as Google Daydream or Samsung Gear VR. The turn sequence files are effectively uploaded into the same folder as the movie file (or ride) so ‘playback’ is automated seamlessly. This means great (and personalized) Roto experiences on the most simplest, low-cost and convenient set ups.

If you are a developer or arcade operator, you will be excited to note we are nearing completion of our very own Roto Arcade Portal Platform.

Arcade operators, we know you’re seeking content that lasts around 5-minutes each play, doesn’t have complex menu screens, and makes the most of Rotos features. Developers, similarly, we know you’re looking to generate additional revenues from your content.

Our Arcade Portal is designed to be a market place where developers can upload Roto-optimised content for arcade operators to add to their experiential offerings.

As Roto already works with every game out of the box (except on PSVR), if you are a developer, why not add one of our amazing Roto features below and become a leading arcade developer and start making money with every game played via our arcade partners around the world. Our SDK makes the following simple and quick to do:

Touch Pedal integration: allow users to walk around (whilst comfortably seated)

Double Rumble: give users a feeling they won’t forget

Turn users to face the action, whether in a pre-described cut scene or perhaps during special events

Create a collision event: take control away from the user for a cool moment, for example spin someone around because they collided with another car or asteroid

And for home consumers, we are working to be able to deliver the fruits of the above developments to you directly also, but obviously on a single download basis, rather than pay-per-play.

We also (finally) managed to create a generic all-in-one cable magazine to support HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Mixed Reality headsets (such as Lenovo, HP, Dell), as well as the ability to power mobile and all-in-one HMDs such as Vive Focus, Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR etc. We even managed to add a power line to support a Force Feedback steering wheel based on customer requests. We will announce our recommended wheel (and HOTAS joysticks) soon.

There’s a lot more coming too…a lot! So please, if you can bear with us a little longer, it will be worth it.

And if you haven’t placed an order with us yet, now is a great time to do so. To coincide with Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, we are offering a $100 USD discount for a limited time only, to celebrate the fact our Roto VR chair (sort of) is realized within this amazing visual expression of what virtual reality might be deliver in the future.

Many thanks again for your continued patience.

Team Roto

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