Rocket League Championship Series Season 3 World Championship Announcement

We are excited to announce the RLCS Season 3 World Championship will take place from June 2nd-4th at The Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Taking place over an unprecedented three days, the Season 3 World Championship will be our biggest event to date, starting with the inclusion of two teams from our brand-new RLCS Oceania region. A total of ten teams will be battling for the lion’s share of our largest-ever $300,000 total prize pool.

Tickets for the RLCS Season 3 World Championship will be going on sale the week of April 15 and additional details will be announced then.

We’re just over the halfway point in League Play of RLCS Season 3 and with only 2 weeks of matches left, there’s still much to be sorted out in North America and Europe. This weekend, however, we’re briefly setting aside the main competition and throwing some mayhem into the mix!

Midseason Mayhem is back for a 2nd season, but this time around we’ve made a few adjustments including the addition of the popular new mode Dropshot! Just like last season, YOU will be able to vote on and directly influence the maps and mutators that the pros will play on. These teams are going to have to be highly versatile, overcome a variety of obstacles, and outmaneuver their opponents if they want to walk away as winners and snag a large chunk of the $10,000 prize pool. We covered Midseason Mayhem in full detail earlier today on RLCS Overtime, so if you missed that be sure to check out the VOD.


  • League Play teams will be randomly seeded into a single-elimination bracket where best-of-five series will determine who advances. Here’s a quick look at the overall format:
    GAME 1: Dropshot
    GAME 2: Rumble
    GAME 3: Mutator (fan voted)
    GAME 4: Non-Standard Map (fan voted)
    GAME 5: Rumble


Fan voting for Mutator settings in Game 3 will include the following sets:

  • “Friendly Fire”
    * Demos on Contact (Friendly Fire)
  • “Mayhem”
    * Ball Speed: Super Fast
    * Ball Weight: Super Light
    * Ball Bounciness: High
    * Boost Amount: Unlimited
  • “Pinball”
    * Ball Max Speed: Fast
    * Ball Weight: Light
    * Ball Size: Small
    * Ball Bounciness: High
  • “Keep It Going”
    * No Goal Reset
  • “Snow Day”
    * Ball Type: Puck
    * Ball Bounciness: Low


  • Fan voting for the arena for Game 4 will include the following arenas:
    Double Goal
    Starbase Arc
    Utopia Retro
    Wasteland (Night)

Please note that Midseason Mayhem does not affect the RLCS standings, so come hang out this weekend, have some fun, and watch the pros take on a variety of Rocket League modes and challenges!

Tune into the official Rocket League Championship Series broadcasts every weekend!

North American Broadcast – Saturdays at 12pm PT / 7pm UTC
European Broadcast – Sundays at 9am PT / 4pm UTC

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