Review: X Rocker Delta Office Gaming Chair

When it comes to buying a gaming chair these days it can be a minefield due to the variety in today’s market. It also doesn’t help that you have various different style to choose from, some great and some not so great. The biggest issue though for most people is that, unlike furniture places where you can at least test out living room furniture, the same is not true for gaming chairs. This means that you are pretty much buying blind since you can’t really tell comfort level from an image. After over a weeks worth of putting the chair through its paces, its time to find out if one of X Rockers newest chairs is worthy of the asking price.

This has been my first actual gaming chair purchase to replace my current bog standard one I had. Due to increasing amounts of back pain I went on a lengthy mission to finally make the purchase with X Rocker. It has also not been a decision I have taken lightly as my search has lasted at least a year. The price was also a deciding factor as I wasn’t able to pay stupid prices for some of the chairs I have seen from various other companies. This in its own was a slight problem for the type of features that I would have liked. After researching various companies, reading reviews and trying to get good prices, I finally rested upon the X Rocker Delta Gaming Chair. Don’t get me wrong I did look at many cheaper brands from Amazon but most got mixed reviews at best. In the end that quickly become a no go area. I did still take a gamble with this being a new product from X Rocker as there wasn’t any reviews I could find.

Due to back issues this was my main deciding factor when buying a chair. I have lengthy gaming sessions for four hours plus, especially due to reviewing. Most gaming chairs today come with at least lumber support but I decided to also go for a head/neck pillow too. The head pillow is removable and most importantly the lumber support can also be adjusted up and down. The only issue is that it uses the elastic straps and you can see the strain on the lumber pillow. Time will only tell how long it will last before failing, but since the lumber support isn’t attached to the chair this can easily be replaced if need be. My old chair had a free moving recliner that would move back depending the weight you produce when you lean back. This was a great thing to begin with but also gave bad posture. The X Rocker Delta does not have this issue , and I love that when you do use the recliner you can recline it at any angle up to a full 180 degrees. Perfect for those power naps between gaming sessions. In my old chair my head wasn’t supported properly as the back was too short but the length of the Delta from the seat is roughly 82 centimeters. This is more than adequate and I am quite a small person so no more head hanging off the back of the chair.

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Next we come to the seat in the chair and the arm rests, which both have really impressed me thus far. The padding in my old chair was worn out, it was literary a pain in the butt, but the Delta is well padded. I have also decided on a wider seat base rather than the slimmer seats you can get in other chairs. Due to that fact I was buying the chair online, I didn’t want to go with a slim chair in case I didn’t like it. My choice though has been more than justified and I’m glad I went with the wingless seat. Arm rests are also going to be a key factor especially if you are a console gamer. Compared to my old chair the arm rests in the Delta certainly surprised me. The arm rests in my previous chair were not padded and neither are the ones on the Delta. This didn’t bother me and I’m sure if I wanted to pad them up I can do easily. They are also 4D arm rests meaning you can adjust the height, move them forward and back, to the sides and also turn them inwards or out wards. When you first adjust them you think the movements are minimal, but you will soon realise that they are just about right.

The base of the chair is metal with five lockable casters which is a nice feature. The chair can take a maximum weight of 180kg so for those of a heavier nature should have no problems. The casters rolling is very smooth and when you do lock them it certainly holds the chair in the one spot. Granted on a hard floor if you put enough power in to it you could move them but it would have to be a lot. While I don’t yet have a steering wheel, I am quite confident I could use the wheels the foot pedals without the chair moving back. The locks are on the wheels and very easy to lock and unlock using your foot or hand. My old chair was made of fabric and therefore hard to keep clean, but the Delta is made using a wipeable material, which I can confirm it will be very easy to keep clean. The chairs stitching looks absolutely fantastic with no defects what so ever. The X Rocker Delta comes in a few various colours, I went for the Purple and Black and it looks fantastic.

The chair comes packaged in one box, while it was padded well I would have maybe liked to have seen an outer box as well. Don’t get me wrong there was no damage upon delivery but it would have been a nice extra reassurance. Upon opening the box the chair comes in pretty much three parts. There is the base, the seat with arm rests already attached and the back. The instructions were easy to follow, with just an issue with the washers. They didn’t differentiate between the four normal and the four spring loaded. If you get the chair the spring loaded washers are used to attach the back of the chair to the seat. Building for the most part was easy but it is a two man job. The only troublesome part was attaching the back to the chair, but I got there in the end.

The Good Things

  • Excellent build quality and stitching.
  • A host of features like full 180 degrees recline.
  • Metal Base and lockable casters.
  • Very comfortable.

And The Bad

  • No padded arm rests but they are 4D.
  • It would have been better if the lumber cushion had adjustable straps rather than elastic ones.
  • The instructions didn’t differentiate between the normal washers and the spring loaded ones. However X Rocker twitter account was extremely helpful and instantly replied to clarify.

My Verdict…

    X Rocker are well known for their low down rocking chairs which have built in speakers. On the office chair front they also on some office chairs with built-in audio systems. I however don’t need the built in audio systems and opted for the more traditional X Rocker Delta Chair. This is also one of their new products this year. When I purchased this I got it during their introductory offer and only paid £199.99 with the normal price set at £249.99. Even set at the RRP price this chair is still worth the purchase, especially with the 180 degree reclining feature. It is of great build quality, with outstanding stitching giving it a true premium look and feel. After having had many a lengthy gaming sessions and just using the chair to watch TV, if I was asked would I still get it, I would say yes. There is not many chairs of this build quality, style and features for this kind of price out there, at least in my research. You can purchase the X Rocker Delta Office Gaming Chair or any of their other products direct from X Rocker.

Comfortable with great build quality and a host of features found in more expensive chairs.

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