Review: Snakebyte Mono Head:Set – Xbox One

When it comes to gaming I am a regular user of surround sound headsets especially when it comes to the late night sessions. However, if like me you suffer headaches on a regular basis then the last thing you want to do is put on a headset. This is something I was doing even just for chatting as Kinect isn’t the best for doing that. This is where the Snakebyte Mono Head:Set comes in to play thanks to its one ear set up. This is a cheaper alternative to the official Xbox One Chat Set and a very good one at that.

The Snakebyte Mono Head:Set is for use on any Xbox controller that has the 3.5mm connection, so unless you haven’t purchased a new official controller then this headset will be usable for most. The headset comes with in-line controls for adjusting the volume and muting the mic. You also have a lengthy 1m cable and while thin it apears more durable than the official chat set flat cable. The overall design is simple yet very efficient and is comfortable fit for my average sized head. The only issue that could arise is for people with larger heads, however the headset itself is adjustable just like the official one and may just need to be broke in like when you get a new set of shoes. The Mic is the perfect length and is bendable to your desired position. The slight problem being is that it doesn’t rotate enough to wear the headset on the right ear, so this is only usable on the left ear. It isn’t impossible to use it on your right ear thanks to the bendy mic but it can feel uncomfortable.

When it comes to the performance side of things I was more than impressed. Unlike the official chat set, Snakebyte has allowed the ability to have both the game audio and chat to come through the headset. Granted this ability might not be embraced by many due it only being in one ear, but it’s great that you have that option. When connected to the controller you can go into the options on the dashboard and it will show up as a normal headset, so you can adjust the game/chat balance etc. Once you set your desired setting you can then adjust the volume using the in-line controls. The headsets audio works great and is very clear without any audible issues. When it comes to my mates hearing me on their end it is crystal clear on their end too.

The Good Things

  • Budget Price.
  • Simple design.
  • Great audio, can receive chat and game audio.

And The Bad

  • Seems to be designed only for left ear.
  • Those with larger heads may have slight discomfort.

My Verdict…

    If you are in the market for a replacement to Microsoft’s official Mono Chat Set then this is priced perfectly. The headset for the price is a great all-rounder with no audio issues and a pretty comfortable fit. Small and average sized heads won’t have any issues, but there could be a little break in time for it to fit comfortably for the larger sized head. The mic length is perfect and it is very bendable. The Snakebyte Head:Set is the perfect purchase for the budget conscious gamer or if you are just looking for a cheap Chat set with the bonus of game audio coming through as well.

If you are in the market for a replacement to Microsoft’s official Mono Chat Set then this is priced perfectly.

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