Review: Satellite Reign

Satellite Reign is a real-time, class-based strategy game. You control a squad of four agents, each with distinct and unique abilities as they vie and battle for control of a fully simulated, living, cyberpunk city.

Not having played Syndicate game before only hearing good thing about it and this being the next in line to carry on down the same lines of Syndicate, I was looking forward to this game.

First impressions of the game it looks great graphically and the gameplay mechanics worked very well, there wasn’t much of holding your hand at the beginning showing you how to play the game more of here’s a few tasks to do and now go have fun.


This game is very much like Splinter Cell meets XCOM, I’ve played this game for many hours and have barely touch the surface. There’s no real main objectives it’s more like do what you want there’s nothing stopping you, better to say it like loads of side missions. Also the game can be played in different ways like run-and-gun and that’s enjoyable enough, but my way was more fun and tested your man management skills which was to split up your team and do stealth infiltrations and takedowns.



There are a lot of activates you can do in the game like hacking ATM’s, infiltrating the many compounds or bribing corrupt officials to get information you need for your agents to improve their specialist skills. The big map and the environment means that you can approach your objectives in various ways. I went down the route of stealth, hack everything and if I got spotted I would runaway hide like a coward in dark corner until the alert level to drop.


There is also a lot of character progression in the game with upgrades to your standard skills all the way up to augmentations which will cost you money or XP. Getting money can be easy if you go the route of hacking the ATM’s with a slow steady income or you could go all guns blazing, break into the Corporation compound and steal the money for bigger reward but a higher chance of dying. This isn’t a problem as such because you can clone your agents if any of them died but there’s a downside to this it costs you and you lose some of your progression for that agent.


The Good Things

  • Graphically looks great.
  • Great RTS Shooter with stealth thrown in to the mix.

And The Bad

  • Very long loading screen at start.
  • Game crashed a few times, but its “Early Access” so can’t really complain.

My Verdict…

    Overall this game is a great RTS game with elements for all types of playing styles, Run & Gun or Hide & Seek. It did have a few issues like randomly crashing but it’s an early access game so I can overlook that problem.

So if you like your RTS/Stealth games then I would recommend you having a look this you won’t be disappointed.

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