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Pumped BMX+ takes the gameplay of its smartphone brother and brings it to consoles in the hope that it will be just as successful. The best way to describe Pumped BMX+ would be to say that it is a somewhat slightly toned down version of Trials HD on a BMX. If you think you have gotten rid of the challenge and frustration of Trials then think again, since this puts up a great fight when it comes to challenge and time before your controller becomes a wall piece.

You may or may not have already heard of Pumped BMX2 for mobiles and instead of just porting it over to consoles, Yeah Us! Have teamed up with Curve Digital to revamp the title. There are 500 challenges spread out over a plethora of stunt ridden tracks. The controls are simple and easy for kids and adults to pick up and play. This may look like kids play but believe me when I say this title is very challenging. Instead of timed runs it’s all about puling off awesome tricks and keeping your momentum going till the end of the course. Pulling off tricks is easy enough but surviving the courses is another question all together. In fact there is a “bad luck Extravaganza” achievement which is a clue as to how many times you will end up with your face in the dirt.


To increase your speed all you do is hold down the A button and then let it go at the top of the jump. It is key to get this just right to get maximum height and speed or you will not make a lot of the jumps. You also need to get the landing right by once again pressing A at the right time to dive. As I have said this game is all about carrying your momentum as any slow down and you will not make some of the jumps. The game is also full of authentic BMX Bike tricks which are really impressive to watch as you pull them off. Get high enough and you will be able fly into trick combinations that you would only see the pro’s pull off. Pulling off the tricks couldn’t be easier as you are just using the left and right sticks as well as the L/R buttons and triggers. The team have done a great job to map out so many tricks with ease of access.

The tracks are split over five difficulties ranging from local to legend and to unlock these difficulties you must complete a certain number of challenges. The individual tracks are split into three difficulties each with four challenges in each difficulty. This ranges from pulling off certain tricks to getting a certain trick score. The harder the difficulty the harder the trick score to get and the harder it is to pull off certain tricks. My only issue is that the challenges do get repetitive but at the same time increase in difficulty times maybe a little to difficult at times. You can also customize your rider and bike by changing your outfit and bike colour etc. although the choice is on the small side.

The graphics are colourful and really stand out. On first glance this does look like a kids game and many may think it would be easy, but it is anything but. The animations when pulling off the tricks are spot on and everything moves the way you would expect. The games backdrops have a very cool hand drawn feel to them and there is a fair amount of different track scenery and design. The games music is a mix between upbeat and chilled, other than that and some sound effects that’s all there is to the audio.

The Good Things

  • Easy to learn controls, yet hard to master finishing the course.
  • I like the way that it is all about keeping your momentum to get to the end of the track.
  • Pulling off tricks does look pretty cool.

And The Bad

  • Maybe a little too difficult in areas, I have only made it on to the AM set of tracks.
  • Can be quite repetitive.

My Verdict…

    If you like Trials Fusion or any of the trials titles then this makes a nice change, so much that it doesn’t feel alien but offers a somewhat different kind of challenge. I did like the approach of having to keep the momentum of speed going to manage to get to the end of the course. This does make the game feel more like a BMX SIM. Don’t let the child friendly graphics fool you this title is pretty tough to master, however it is easy to just pick up and play. Tricks are pulled of easily with the left and right sticks, just make sure to nail that landing.

If you think you have gotten rid of the challenge and frustration of Trials then think again.

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