Review: Pinball FX3 – Jurassic World Pinball – Take on The T-Rex With The Latest DLC Pack


When Pinball FX3 launched Zen Studios delved deep in to the Universal Studios archive to bring us the Universal Classics table pack. It seems while they were there they brought back a few dinosaurs to put in their latest table pack called Jurassic World Pinball. This pack includes three tables all based around the Jurassic Park franchise. I step back in time and see I have got what it takes to train, some Rapters and fend off the mother of all dinosaurs, the massive T-Rex.

I never did get the chance to try the real world Jurassic Park pinball table so I choose to jump straight on Zen Studios creation of this movie. As with the Universal Classics Pack the team have done an amazing job in capturing the essence of the first Jurassic Park movie, with a well designed and feature packed table. The layout of this table might just be one of the best yet with some designs you could picture on a real pinball table. The team have included all the memorable items and locations from the film. Situated at the back of the table is the visitors jeep along with the T-Rex standing fierce and tall in the right hand corner. The other dinosaurs to make a physical appearance are the Raptors. You have the park gates, the maintenance shed and even a perimeter fence all waiting to test your skills. They have even included the shaving cream can used to steel the embryos as well as the amber that the mosquito was encased.

All the game modes on the table that can be activated will reference back to the many key scenes in the film. The missions I liked the best was The Tour and to activate this you open the park gates to get access to the ramp and move the visitor car at the back towards the T-Rex Paddock. Once there you can select either Dr Grant’s path or Malcom’s Path. With Dr. Grant the T-Rex jumps up behind the car and turns it over just like in the film. To see this on a pinball table just amazes me. Malcom’s path makes use of the conveyor belt to simulate the chase, seems like the T-Rex likes to exercise. Successful lane shots will evade the T-Rex and you see the jeep exiting to the sink hole. The Raptors also make an appearance via different modes and even steel the balls which is hilarious. Even when there are no modes the ferocious roar of the T-Rex is enough to rock the table.

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The table itself plays great and has a great flow to it with two ramps and a few loops. There is a second plunger on the left side of the table making use of the pop up Raptor cage. It is also great to see they have included a video mode making use of the Triceratops. In this mode you have to remember the plants that are poison and eat the ones that are not. This is great if you have a good memory not so great if you don’t. The scoring on the table seems good, with those that have more skills being able to get into the hundred of millions easy. If you are not so good you will still score well. Overall this table perfectly represents the film that so many remember and love for the real life animatronics.

The next table I played was the Jurassic World table which is as you would expect centred around the latest film. The table design is also striking and does a great job to capture key details from the movie itself. There are three ramps on this table designed as hollow logs which is a nice touch. These a followed by two loops one going behind the table and the other situated in the centre, with the centre loop being challenging at times. We are greeted with three dinosaurs on the table this time, which are the Indominus Rex, the Mosasaurus and finally the Pteranodon. The Mosasaurus pops its head out the water every-time the ball hits the back left ramp.

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This table plays very well with the option to have the main modes activate in the order of the movie or you can have it so you can select them in any order. This was a wise move as some of the timed modes are challenging so it means that those less skilled still have a chance to play all the main modes. There are six modes that follow not just the key parts of the film but also the most memorable. Two of my favourite main modes are the Raptor Training and also the Valley Ride. With Raptor training you will feed the four Raptors that pop up in the table as you follow the instructions in the dot matrix which tells you the order they need to be fed. Again this is a mode that you could imagine showing up on a real world table. The Valley Ride mode transforms the pinball to a Gyrosphere as you travel the table with you also encountering the the Indominus Rex. The table has a good balance when it comes to easy and challenging shots. Scoring high on this table as well as getting to the wizard mode will require some practice.

The final table is the Jurassic Park Mayhem table and you really do get the sense of Zen Studios bringing some of their own creativity to the Jurassic Park franchise. This table is a great representation of the dinosaurs let loose on the empty island, so it does follow the second and third films to a degree. On this table everything has pretty much went to hell and you are tasked with evacuating the construction workers while keeping the Jurassic beasts at bay. This table just like the other two table this has great design and artwork. This table represents various sections of the park including a derelict visitors centre as well as the T-Rex trying to batter down the gigantic park doors. This table has The T-Rex and the Stegosaurus on show with a helicopter showing up from time to time.

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Upon staring the table you have the choice of locations to start in from the film’s which will boost certain features on the table, for example raised ramp scores or raised bumper scores. As you complete the main modes the evacuation counter will rise with the target being seventy-five percent or more. This table has a couple of standout modes like the fight between the T-Rex and the Stegosaurus or using the tail of Stegosaurus to attack Raptor targets that pop up in the windows of the visitor centre. This table also has a mini-playfield in the centre of the table which opens up in the centre of the table. Here you will have to remember the pattern of attack to fend off the Rapter balls. This table has high easy scoring that s to the multitude of modes as well as some of the longest multi-ball plays I have seen in a pinball table. This certainly offers a much more fast and frantic pace than the other two tables.
The Good Things

  • Great use of the Jurassic Park license.
  • Only Zen Studios could get a T-Rex on a conveyor belt.
  • Love the day / night and weather cycles.

And The Bad

  • No Jurassic World: Fallen kingdom table.

My Verdict…

    The Jurassic World pinball pack takes dinosaurs and pinball to a whole new level and I am really beginning to love the weather effects that Pinball FX3 has brought to digital pinball. If you were a fan on the real world table then you owe it to yourself to experience Zen Studios version. They have done a fantastic job with both the Jurassic Park table and also the Jurassic World table. They have captured the essence of the movies and once again made great use of the licensing. You can see they had fun with the Jurassic Park Pinball Mayhem and interpreting their own vision of a dinosaur filled table. Once again Zen Studios have produced three top quality tables and who knew you could train Raptor’s with small steel balls.


Three tables that perfectly capture the essence and excitment of the Jurassic Park franchise.

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