Review: Pinball FX 2 – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Pinball Table

Welcome to not only my first review of 2017 but also the first Pinball FX 2 table this year. When it comes to Star Wars, Zen Studios have always been there to give us a pinball table based on the latest offerings of the franchise. With the recent release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it was only a matter of time before we seen the story be told in the world of pinball. That time is now and I have had a blast on the table. Those of you keeping count, this brings the table count to seventy in the outstanding and an ever-growing Zen Studio pinball library.

I haven’t yet seen the movie the table is based upon, but like all the Pinball tables based on movie franchises, you really do not need to have watched the movie to get pure enjoyment from playing the table. It will of course be a bonus if you have already seen the movie in question, but it isn’t a necessity to understand what is going on. This is what I like about what Zen Studios does with franchise licenses, they manage to make it fun for people new to the franchises, yet throw in enough content to please the fans.

The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story table is both fun and technically challenging with some testing flipper shots on some of the main table missions. The team have balanced this out with easy high scoring so fresh pinball players don’t get easily frustrated with the leaderboards. However, there are serious high scores to be achieved for the pinball wizards among you. I really dig the design of this table and is one of the more visually pleasing tables that fits in with the surrounding scenery ith the table not looking out of place. The intro scene just says it all really.

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The table layout has four ramps with two that require some skill to make continuously and usually only accessible with the additional two flippers at either side of the table. At the back of the table you have five targets which when all hit will start one of the ten main mission modes, taken from throughout the movies story. The five targets sit just at the end of a glass floor covering the tables bumpers. I really dig this design and what makes it even better is that this whole area transforms for each of the missions and bonus modes. Always present on the table are Jyn and Krennic with a whole host of playfield toys popping up from AT-ACT Walkers to Stormtrooper’s and even a death star.

The table itself is easy to play but challenging to master. When it comes to playing the story missions, you open them in order. To be able to advance to the next chapter you must complete at least half the mission, although you can go back and replay the previous mission upon the next selection if you so wish. If you find yourself not getting far enough in the first mission to open the chapter two, don’t worry about it too much as I could get to nearly 100 million just by doing the first chapter a few times. After a few goes you will get past this mission no problem, completing it to the full is more challenging. It is chapter five you may struggle a bit with though due to the two precise and difficult flipper shots. This table does make you feel like a high score king though and I love it for that.

The Good Things

  • First table of 2017 bringing the table count to seventy.
  • Easy to learn with generous scores, but hard to master.
  • Another well designed Star Wars table making great use of the licences.

And The Bad

  • Activating Magna save requires immense skill and lots of the good old Irish luck.
  • Chapter five will be the death of me, loving the challenge though.

My Verdict…

    The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story pinball table is the first table of 2017 and I am having so much fun with it. I haven’t seen the film and yet I am getting so much fun out of this table and that’s just what Zen Studios do, they make something so much fun, even if you are not farmiler with its content. I love how the area where the tables bumpers are transforms as you activate each of the tables main and bonus modes. The generosity with the scoring makes new players feel like they are achieving pinball greatness, while there are some great table designs that can give pinball wizards a challenge. Once again Zen Studios does not disappoint when it comes to Pinball content and it’s a great start to 2017.

Another out of this world Star Wars table joins the ever-growing Library.

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