Review: Pinball FX 2 – Marvel’s Woman of Power Pack

At the last table count we have twenty-one Marvel pinball tables to select in the expansive pinball FX2 library. The majority of the tables are dominated by male superheroes but next week Zen Studios release two more wonderful Marvel tables. This time though they have went for an all out female superheroes cast to add some flavour in to the Marvel library. The two tables in the Woman of Power pack both focus on two different pinball gameplay styles, and I have been getting to grips with both tables this week. Will these be two more must have tables to add to your Marvel collection? Check out my full review below to find out.

The first table I played was the A-Force table which involves Black Widow (of Shield) and Madame Masque (of Hydra) as the main characters. The introduction to the story plot is pretty sweet and tells the story of a Cosmic Cube being destroyed causing an alternate reality where the Soviets are in control. Your mission is to take back control and restore reality. The table also allows you to search for other A-Force members although they don’t make a physical appearance it will give you additional bonuses.

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This table is quite spacious involving four ramps with two leading to the A-Force tower. Hitting the ball up to the tower three times will start the missions which you can do in any order. These are centred around this all knew story and while maybe not as deep as some previous tables, I highly enjoyed them. You can expect to see Soviet versions of the main two characters. Zen Studios allow you to reach the wizard mode the first time without successfully completing the missions, but after that you can only reach the wizard mode again through successful completion of the missions.

While all Pinball FX tables are all about creating pinball tables that deliver an experience not possible in real world tables, sometimes I see something on a table that takes you back to a real world table. With The A-Force table the inclusion of the Titanium Man Helmet as a target and ball lock, looks like something that could exist on a real pinball table. The tables artwork is beautiful as always and shows great use of a Marvel license yet again.

The Second table in the pack is the Champions table, which as I like to call it Pinball rail city. This table is the more eventful and action packed table of the two. This table is very busy in the layout with plenty of ramps and targets to be hit. The missions themselves are much more tricky but the rewards are plentiful and will have you clocking up the hundreds of millions score in no time. The story to this table is that you are helping Kamala and her friends take on Bombshell after a daring robbery where she also got away with the Coffee Shop money for the day.

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There are seven missions to fulfil all tied to a female superhero and their super powers. Each mission has its own way of being activated, which then brings up a moving target in the centre of the table to start the mission. Once you begin the mission the time you have is short making this one of the most challenging tables to play thanks to a couple of hard shots now and then. Once again the table design and art work is really good and this definitely gets the award for the most colourful table.

The Good Things

  • All female star cast giving some love to Marvel’s Woman of Power.
  • Both tables have different gameplay styles.
  • Brings the Marvel table count to twenty-three.

And The Bad

  • Would have liked to have seen more physical representations of heroes in the Champions table…

My Verdict…

    It feels like it has been an eternity since the last table release from the Pinball Wizards over at Zen Studios HQ, although it probably hasn’t. It is clear to see that the Marvel license is the most dominant within the Pinball FX2 library, but one that is also quite male dominated. It is refreshing and good to see that we get an all female star cast and two enjoyable and different tables to play. While it may not have the depth of a Marvel movie based table, I do like that each table brings its own original story to the show. If you are a fan on pinball and have all the other Marvel tables then no doubt you will be picking this up next week. When it come to pinball tables there is only so much that can be done, but once again Zen Studios has delivered on two great tables to play showcasing the Woman of Power in Marvel universe.

It is refreshing and good to see that we get an all female star cast and two enjoyable and different tables to play.

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