Review: Mantis Burn Racing – Battle Cars DLC

It is hard to believe that it has been almost a year since we first reviewed Mantis Burn Racing from the guys over at VooFoo Studios. If you have still to pick this gem of a racer up then be sure to check out our review of the main game. We delve back in to Mantis Burn Racing and review the newly released Battle Cars DLC Pack. If you have been itching to blow your opponents up as they power slide by you then this pack should relieve that itch.

The Battle Cars DLC brings you three new cars which are more than battle ready, and its a good job to as the weapons are powerful stuff. These new cars can be used on and off-line as well as take you on a new career campaign featuring twenty-six events. There is also three new modes of play exclusively for this DLC which are King of the Track, Survival and Accumulator Rumble. Achievement hunters can also look forward to six new achievements specifically for this DLC.

This pack has not just been thrown together, in fact you can tell that thought and care has been taking to get the mixture of the contents and physics of the base game with a ton of explosive action putting the icing on the cake. There is what I like to think of as two stages to each battle race which contain two weapons of mass destruction. The first weapon is the mini-gun which has unlimited ammo but it can overheat using it too much. This weapon is activated when you get to the first checkpoint of any given track. So what do you do to get rid of the mini-gun happy driver behind you? Well you plant a mine or two… or three. The mines do not come into play until you complete the first lap. You can only carry three at a time and they only refill on completion of a lap, so you would be wise to only use when necessary. There are repair pads situated to repair your car that will be literally bursting in to flames. On some tracks these pads are not on the normal race line which I think is a nice touch, but then I can have an evil racing streak in me.

Apart from normal Races this DLC brings with it as mentioned three new modes of play. In King of the Track you need to stay alive and clear a checkpoint as the King. When you are king you lose the crown if you get destroyed and to get the crown you kill the car holding it. This is all out frantic action that gets very hectic very quick. In survival the title says it all, just survive and be the last car standing. Accumulator Rumble is one probably my favourite of the three new modes. This works just like the original mode expect this time you can get a points boost by destroying the other racers, but you will lose a large chunk if you get destroyed. All of the new modes make for fast paced and action packed racing.

The Good Things

  • You can now destroy other vehicles.
  • Brings a new and very enjoyable way to play Mantis Burn Racing.
  • Its as cheap as chips.

And The Bad

  • Some people may not like there are only two weapons.

My Verdict…

    It’s great to see that on coming up for the games first birthday VooFoo Studios has not forgotten about this gem of a racer. In fact by bringing out this DLC they have introduced a new and excitingly fun way to blast away your opponents. With there only being two weapons there are no cheap underhand tricks at play (yes I’m looking at you Mr Blue Shell). Instead what you have is a mix of driving skill with all out war. This is certainly worth the £1.99 price tag for those that want a new challenge.

Discover an explosive new way to race in Mantis Burn Racing.

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