Review: Loot Gaming Subscription Crate – April 2018 ‘Hunt Themed’ Crate

I had a nice surprise landing on my desk earlier this week for review in the form of a Loot Gaming crate from Loot Crate. The one I received was their April Loot Gaming crate which was a hunt themed crate. Those that may not be aware of what a Loot Gaming crate is you don’t know what you are missing. The Loot Gaming crate is a subscription based monthly box of goodies which contain some awesome and exclusive merchandise. The idea of the brains at Loot Crate always promise that the value inside is more than what you pay a month for it. If gaming isn’t your thing then you can sign up to the more varied core loot crate. If you still don’t fancy that then you have Loot Wear crates full of awesome wearables from undies to t-shirts. If anime is more your thing, there is crates that cover that. There is even a Loot Fright crate for all you horror fans. You can find out more over on the Loot Crate Website.

The first thing I done was to shoot you a short unboxing video to let you see the kind of contents you can expect to see if you sign up to the monthly subscription. With this crate it was all focused around the hunt theme and all crates that month had the same items. You can check out the unboxing video below:

I must apologies for the one handed shooting of the unboxing, lets now take a closer look at each of the items I received in the crate.

Exclusive Dark Souls III T-Shirt

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Known as one of the hardest games in gaming today, with bosses that would make batman cry this series is a thing of legends. You may not have defeated every boss yet but you can still wear this exclusive t-shirt with pride, and more so if you are on your 500th death. The T-shit itself features the Ashen One on the front and on the back it says Dark Souls III. I have to say that the quality of the shirt itself is great and soft to touch. The Ashen One image is of outstanding quality and can see it lasting as long as the shirt lasts. There is no fear of the image deteriorating over the years.

Exclusive Monster Hunter: World Jawblade Mini Replica

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Next we come to the crème de la crème of contents in this box. Measuring about 17cm in length and coming with its own stand, this is a mini replica of the most iconic weapon in Monster Hunter: world. While it is only a miniature replica there is still quite a lot of detail especially on the cutting edge. While it wont function as a working cutter it will sit nice amongst my other collectibles on my many shelves. I am more than happy with this item, but I would have loved it to be a little bigger.

Loot Crate Edition Batman: Arkham City Comic

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This is one for all you comic fans out there as this comic has five chapters and leads in to the Batman Arkham City game. The cover art instantly stands out and I have to say is one of the best I have seen in comics. This comic was only ever published digitally but thanks to Loot Crate fans will have a physical copy. The paper used is of high quality and has a little bit of weight and the images are flawless. This will be great for some late night reading for me.

Exclusive Far Cry 5 Dopp Kit and Poster

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With A hunt theme Far Cry 5 was an obvious choice and you don’t just get one thing but two. Firstly there is the dopp bag which is a travel pouch for your toiletries. Sporting Far Cry on one side and the Hope Country logo on the other, this has a main zip pouch and a side pocket. Size wise it is what you would expect and will fit in a toothbrush and razor along with any other items. If you are a female gamer then this could easily be used as a make-up pouch. The second Far Cry 5 item is the poster itself which is of very reasonable size. On the reverse side you have a recap of everything you got in the loot crate.

Exclusive Bear Trap Pin

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The final item in this Hunt Themed crate is a bear trap pin which is pretty much self explanatory. This small pin will fit perfect anywhere you would wish to use it. There is great detail for what it is and even has bacon slices to bate the bear.

My Verdict…

    There you have it this is what is included in Aprils ‘Hunt Themed’ Loot Gaming crate. This is my first loot crate and I have to say I am impressed. The stand out items for myself is the Monster Hunter: World Jawblade replica and the Dark Souls III t-shirt. The Batman: Arkham City comic will certainly please comic fans and of having something physical rather than digital. The crate stayed true to the hunt theme and I feel that the contents were more than worth the money paid that month. While you can’t buy this crate any more, it lets you see what to expect from the Loot Gaming crates. You have until the 27th of each month to buy that months crate. To find out more info about May head on over to the loot gaming page. As of the time of writing this review you have three days left.

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