Review: Karma. Incarnation 1


Karma. Incarnation 1 is the second title I have played in as many weeks, where the narrative is told through images and expression. This is a title belonging to a genre that you mostly find only on PC’s now-a-days, which is the point and click genre. Karma Incarnation 1 is one of the more unusual and unique titles of this category.

The story throughout the title as I have mentioned is told through images and expressions but there is a back story. The title explores a love story between two souls and unfolds via a tripped-out adventure with psychedelic colours and moral choices. You take the role of Pip who is determined to rescue his true love who has been abducted by evil spirits. Now the only way Pip can be successful is to reincarnate himself as a Dragon but as you may have guessed this hasn’t gone to plan. Maybe he popped a few too many acids and is on a bad trip? He has come back as a Worm of sorts and thus your adventure begins into the colourful and mind bending world of Karma. Incarnation 1.

The game pretty much follows the rules of any point and click adventure with AuraLab bringing in a touch of their own ideas along the way. Controlling Pip is a simple affair, so all you need to worry about is the mind bending and colourful puzzles that follow. With each scene in the game there are quite a few things you can do, this isn’t just a case of finding objects, but by interacting with the many characters and scenery you will come across. There are some well thought out puzzles from AuraLab and I have only come across one or two that had my brain going on holiday. Nearly all the puzzles you come across can be solved in two ways, the devilish way or the more angelic way. As the game deals with Karma being a naughty worm will change your appearance which will also certainly have an impact later in the game. In fact, this gives the game some replay value to it and thanks to the games artwork and music it doesn’t make revisiting it a chore. AuraLab has given Pip Astral power which allows him to see into the world of spirits at any point in the game. Not only does this come in handy to solve some of the puzzles, but it can also inject some of the games psychedelic colours as well as transforming the games scenes completely.

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The games artwork and music cannot be complemented enough and does make this game stand out from the crowd. It’s not just the puzzles that make this great little point and click adventure, it’s also the games artwork. You can see that AuraLab do have some immense amount of creativity that has engulfed the world of Karma Incarnation 1. There is one scene where you are taken to a beach like location with what can only be described as a U.F.O party going on. You can see the various creatures having a party. What made me laugh though was the ones flying past the screen on a speedboat and water ring, the expressions on their faces is just priceless. This game is full of these types of moments and when you look closely at the environments you will always find something new in the games artwork that you can interact with.

The Good Things

  • The games artwork and music.
  • Everything an indie point and click adventure should be.
  • The Karma element is well implemented.

And The Bad

  • One or two slight issues in movement but nothing game breaking.

My Verdict…

    Karma. Incarnation 1 encapsulates everything that an indie title should be all about. The team have run wild with creative freedom and it is thanks to this that the game does stand out on its own. The world in which you are thrown in to may be weird, but it is a world filled with mystery and so much psychedelic colours. There is also the heart-warming story of Pip how just wants to rescue his one true love, while having to morally solve puzzles and facing the consequences. Yes, this title appears strange but there is also something that is addictive and soothing at the same time. While puzzles have two ways to solve, there are a few mind bending ones thrown in to keep your brain on its toes. If you are a fan of point and click titles and looking for something a bit more bizarre and out there, then look no further than this title.

Karma. Incarnation 1 encapsulates everything that an indie title should be.

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