Review: Infinite Minigolf – Crazy Golf Means Crazy Fun

If there is one thing I fondly remember as a kid growing up except spending most of my time in arcades, it is playing Crazy Golf or Minigolf as some people call it. Anytime I would be taken to the seaside or any days away, if there was a crazy golf course I would be on it like a flash. When your a kid the crazier the layout the more fun to be had. Zen Studios are known for taking real world activities and infusing them into the digital world. Their latest project to be released on the Xbox One is Infinite Minigolf. Does their take on this fun past time have the charm and fun that the team are well known for?

Infinite Minigolf follows in the heals of Planet Minigolf and takes everything to great new heights. This has to be one of the most enjoyable times I have had. The game itself needs no introduction as everybody should know what crazy golf is all about. You make your way through nine whole courses just waiting to try and break your spirit but have you in fits of laughter with tears streaming down your eyes – or is that just me. Seriously I have not laughed so hard in a good while and felt great so thanks Zen Studios you always bring joy in my gaming.

The game consists of three modes on offer to play, you have solo play, local multiplayer and online multiplayer. When playing solo you have a choice of three themed locations on offer that all look amazing. There is Giant Home, Halloween Mansion and Santa’s Factory with each having their own unique obstetrical to traverse in search of that hole-in-one. Within these themed locations you have four separate courses all consisting of three, nine hole rounds. You have casual, normal and hard and this doesn’t just show how difficult the holes are but also how precise the A.I will be although I still think they cheat at times.

In solo play you have access to Tournament and Quickplay. In Tournament you will play over 4 courses against the A.I at each of the three locations. For the most part I found it an easy enough affair, although some of the courses on the hardest difficulty you may need some luck to knock the A.I off the top spot. Each course and difficulty only unlocks after you win the previous course and this is how you advance. The only draw back is that you will need to play through all courses on the easy difficulty to unlock the medium and so forth. When playing you can collect gems as well as using themed characters on the course to help or hinder your goal to a hole in one. In Quickplay you are just playing through holes at random, but what I like about this is that it includes user generated courses as well as the official ones. There is also a course browser that you can se if you want specific types oh courses. That is also not to be laughed at as some the courses themselves are pretty fantastic, and at the time of writing this review there was over six thousand holes. Infinite Minigolf is certainly all about user created content which can only get better.

This brings us nicely on to the most important mode in the game which is the Course Editor. Now when it comes to any form of editor in a console game I am always sceptical as to how good it is. Usually you will only get the basic tools and are limited by these, where as PC editing tools for games on PC’s always come out top. Thankfully that is not the case here as everything you see in the official courses you have access to in the editor. What’s more is that regardless the platform that the course has been designed on, it will be available to all platforms. The only draw back for some isn’t the editor itself, that’s fantastic, but the amount of content it has. Don’t get me wrong we are only talking a £12 title here and its definitely value for money but there are only the three themes on which you can create courses on. The icing on the crazy golf cake would be for Zen Studios to start releasing DLC and even go a bit retro and give us content to create courses similar to ones I played for real back in my childhood.

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As well as playing user created courses Infinite Minigolf is all about experiencing the craziness and side splitting laughter that you can have with your mates. Zen Studios has accommodated both online multiplayer as well as local multiplayer supporting up to eight players. All I can say is that I have never laughed to much playing multiplayer for a good while, I literally couldn’t see right at one point I had so much tears coming out my eyes with laughter. As well as playing with the normal rules, you can also change some game modifiers, like allowing you to make the ball jump, turn on collisions with balls, and also change the ball type. You can have hockey pucks, pyramid balls, cylinders etc. and yes its as crazy as it sounds, but what fun we all had.

Graphically the game uses cartoon avatar style graphics full of colour giving all round good family fun. The locations and courses all look fantastic and have a great amount of detail. The only issue I have have is that sometimes the camera angle makes it difficult to take a shot. While the game uses avatars, unfortunately you can’t use your Xbox Avatar which is a shame but hopefully Zen Studios may be able to allow this at a later date. The games music is what you would expect to find in a game like this.

The Good Things

  • Course editor is fantastic.
  • User generated content appears on all platforms.
  • Insanely crazy fun.

And The Bad

  • Camera angle can make some shots awkward.
  • Would love to be able to use Xbox Avatar.

My Verdict…

    Infinite Minigolf is a great game and really does take me back to my childhood days as the seaside. The courses are crazy but the fun to be had is even crazier. While the solo play is not bad with three difficulties and a plethora of courses, it is the multiplayer that really shines in this title. There is also plenty of customization options for your avatar, including a sword club, to all manner of ball designs. Items are either bought with specific cards earned as you play. Infinite Minigolf is an almost flawless fun title and a great laugh with mates. Assuming the community keep supporting it with user content the amount of courses is only limited by imagination. I would like to see Zen Studios release more DLC for this title to keep things even more fresh.

Zen Studios you always bring joy in my gaming and side splitting laughter.

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