Playrise Digital is 5 Today! Table Top Racing Hits 16.5 Million Downloads

Award winning indie developer and publisher Playrise Digital turns 5 today, 16th May, 2017! Table Top Racing for mobile platforms and Table Top Racing: World Tour now available PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam (PC) have been collectively downloaded more than 16.5 Million times since the launch of the original Table Top Racing on Apple’s App Store back in January, 2013.

CEO of Playrise Digital, Nick Burcombe is justifiably positive about Playrise’s achievements and the future commenting, “This has been an exhilarating and sometimes exhausting 5-year period! And knowing that Table Top Racing, as a brand, has now entertained more players than all of my previous games combined, is an amazing statistic for me. It’s immensely satisfying, but only the beginnings of what we would like to see both the company and brand achieve. It’s a testament to some of the amazing people who have contributed to Playrise’s success over the past 5 years – and very I’m proud of what we’ve achieved together. I’m hoping the next 5 years are even more exciting than the last!”

Starting with just a team of three and a modest budget, Nick drew on his extensive experience from his early days at Psygnosis, through the inception of PlayStation and of WipEout, his later experience with the Formula 1 franchise at Sony’s Studio Liverpool, to create the now much loved, pint-sized, powered-up, combat racer Table Top Racing.

Launching globally with an immediate ‘Editor’s Choice’ award from Apple’s App Store, Playrise Digital was off to a strong start and quickly made plans for an Android and Amazon version. Again, featured heavily by Google at launch with a ‘Play Picks’ and later, a prestigious ‘Editor’s Choice’ award, the studio was ready for a new challenge.

With the rapidly fragmenting paid-app market moving heavily towards f2p, the team decided to come full circle and move back to their spiritual home of console development. Launching a version of Table Top Racing for the PlayStation®Vita, then subsequently taking the brand over to PlayStation®4 with a new game, Table Top Racing: World Tour. They have since launched TTR: World Tour on Steam and Xbox One, both of which have received excellent user scores from players. The Table Top Racing and TTR: World Tour brands as a whole, have consistently achieved fantastic user scores, achieving An average of ~82% based on more than 160,000 user ratings worldwide.

Playrise Digital’s achievements in numbers:

  • The ‘Table Top Racing’ brand has achieved 16.5 Million downloads across all platforms
  • Payer ratings average ~82% from 160,000+ user ratings across all platforms
  • Over 11.5 million downloads of Table Top Racing on iOS, Android and Amazon
  • Millions of PlayStation 4 downloads, scoring fantastic ratings from players all over the world
  • Xbox One was launched 10th of March 2017 and also has an average user score of ~83%

The last five years have been turbulent times in the games industry and for Indies in particular, with major changes to everything from business models, platforms, store front operations, development environments and the market itself. Learning such a diverse range of platforms and stores has been an invigorating and challenging task for Burcombe and his team, but they feel they’ve succeeded in everything they’ve embarked on so far.

They still have big ideas for their ‘Table Top Racing’ brand and are actively seeking a new publishing partners to help move the brand forward and reach even more gamers.

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