Pixomondo Partners With Studio Wildcard for The Launch of ARK: Survival Evolved

From development to execution, PIXOMONDO has partnered with Studio Wildcard to create an exciting new commercial to celebrate the launch of the dinosaur survival game- ARK: Survival Evolved, now available for “boxed retail” and digital platforms on Steam, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

The award-winning PIXOMONDO team, including Executive Producer Mandie Briney the VFX Supervisor from Game Of Thrones Sven Martin, & CEO Thilo Kuther worked closely with the creative team from JOJX, including father+son directing team Rocky+Jackson Morton and EP Joe Care to create the concept, the script, all the way through the production + post- production process to execute this cinematic and thrilling advertisement bringing the ARK: Survival Evolved world to life.

To be Continued….

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