Pinball FX3 Hits Nintendo Switch on December 12

Zen Studios are excited to finally bring Pinball FX3 to Switch on December 12!

That’s a few weeks later than they initially promised, but the improvements being made are well worth the wait. We used that time to implement an excellent suggestion from Nintendo – turns out it’s much more comfortable to hold the screen vertically in your hands when only one Joy-Con is attached instead of the two we were originally proceeding with. Zen is now ready to present the BEST portable pinball experience available.

And have you heard about the exclusive Switch features? HD Rumble ensures that all 30 tables (with more to come!) feel like you’re playing real pinball more than any other video game out there. Meanwhile, that perfectly balanced vertical orientation we mentioned earlier allows you to play with the perspective of an actual pinball machine.

Some in the studio actually believe that Pinball FX3 on Switch to be the best, most authentic video game pinball experience ever.

The game features Sorcerer’s Lair, a beloved Zen original pinball table with the free download, and the following tables will be available at launch:

• Universal Classics™ Pinball (Back to the Future, E.T., Jaws)
• Aliens vs. Pinball (Aliens, Alien vs. Predator, Alien: Isolation)
• Balls of Glory (Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, Archer, American Dad!)
• Portal
• The Walking Dead
• Sorcerer’s Lair (free)
• Carnivals & Legends (Adventure Land Pinball, Son of Zeus)
• Zen Classics (Shaman, Tesla, El Dorado, V12)
• Core Collection (Pasha, Rome, Biolab, Secrets of the Deep)
• Medieval Pack (Epic Quest, Excalibur)
• Sci-Fi Pack (Mars, Paranormal, Earth Defense)
• Iron & Steel (Wild West Rampage, CastleStorm)

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