Pac-Man 256 Hits 5 Million Downloads and Invades Crossy Road

Thanks to its ground-breaking mobile gaming features and mechanics, PAC-MAN 256 has already reached the 5 million downloads milestone!

When asked about this success, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe, BANDAI NAMCO Studios Vancouver and Hipster Whale representatives said: “We are very happy to see such a fantastic start, the game is the top downloaded game in 98 countries for all categories and in 104 countries for game categories including USA, UK and Japan! We want to thank all the individuals involved in this project and above all: our players!”

PAC-MAN 256 might be bringing a fresh breeze to mobile gaming, but the yellow icon is also invading previous Hipster Whale smash hit Crossy Road! Players can play for free as PAC-MAN or as Pac-Chicken (a chicken wearing a PAC-MAN t-shirt). The savviest players will also be able to unlock the infamous Ghosts: Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde!

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