New Trailer and Demo Released for One Piece Burning Blood

A brand new trailer has been revealed for ONE PIECE BURNING BLOOD and a demo for the game is now live on PSN and Xbox Live.

The new trailer shows off the ‘Pirate Flag Battle’ Mode featured in the game: where players can join a crew and conquer the ocean online by capturing famous locations from the anime with their team of brave pirates.

The demo, which is available to download now, gives players a taste of the offline VS mode: including playable characters Ace, Luffy, Franky and Aokiji, along with the Dressrosa Corrida Colosseum stage. Engage in massive brawls by strategically choosing your team of characters and swapping them out during the heat of battle. There’s Logia Moves for unique abilities and the powerful Haki blow to break through enemy defences, while Devil Fruits are the source of massive Special Attacks. You can read more about the game over at the official blog here.

PSN Demo download link: https://store.playstation.com/#!/cid=EP0700-CUSA05086_00-ONEPIECEBBTRIAL0

XBL Demo download link: https://store.xbox.com/Xbox-One/Games/ONE-PIECE-BURNING-BLOOD-DEMO/b5ef7d60-b835-40d1-aa0c-a0e007c7eacf

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