New The King Of Fighters XIV Webcast Series Reveals Fresh Info On New Fighters

Discover the latest information on THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV in the new Webcast series, KOF Station Channel XIV

In the first episode voice actors Mitsuhiro Ichiki and Tomoaki Maeno discuss the latest KOF XIV news with the development team and, take a closer look at 12 fighters joining the tournament: Shun’ei, Yuri Sakazaki, Goro Daimon, Hein, Ralf Jones, King, Kukri, Joe Higashi, Chin Gentsai, Muimui, Maxima, & Nakoruru. Watch the voice actors and development team go head-to-head in classic KOF fashion to be crowned THE KING OF FIGHTERS!

THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV launches in Europe on the 26th August 2016. For more information please visit

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