New Publisher Emerges – Enter the Void this Valentines Day to Help Her Show True love to Monsters

A media outlet defied the laws of the industry today by breaking out and entering the world of video game publishing.

The Hidden Levels started as a team of passionate gamers who wanted to help promote indie and AAA games alike. After over two years of creating content and livestreaming, we decided that we wanted to be more actively involved in the industry.

A lot of indie devs we spoke with suffered from not being noticed. After seeing the current shape of the market where a lot of indie gems are buried amongst piles and piles of monthly releases, we felt it was necessary to evolve to the next level and help make a change.

Today, we are proud to announce that we are publishing games in 2018! Our first title “The Void Rains Upon Her Heart” will be available February 14th, 2018 via Steam Early Access. The reason we chose Early Access is because we want community input into adding new power-up items and balancing the bosses. We will release the game for all major platforms after we leave Early Access.

“The Void Rains Upon Her Heart” (TVRUHH) is an addictive bullet-hell boss-rush game where you have to help a small alien girl by taking control of her heart and showing monsters how to love again by shooting them with love hearts.

TVRUHH takes inspiration from Kirby, Undertale, and Binding of Isaac. It’s a good introduction to the bullet-hell genre for newcomers and also a tough challenge for experienced players alike, as the difficulty has a broad, selectable curve.

This game also feels very similar to Cuphead in the regard that there is no level to progress through to reach the boss and that this game also has it’s very own unique art direction and style.

As of Early Access V1.0 the game contains:

  • 14 monsters
  • 42 gifts
  • 2 characters to play
  • The game will be released for $7.99 with a week long 15% launch discount.

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