New Characters, World Setting and Detailed Battke System Revealed For Tales of Berseria

After an exciting announcement in December 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PC, some new information and features have been revealed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe for TALES OF BERSERIA.

Players will be dragged into a new adventure with Tales Of’s first solo heroine Velvet, in a world where reason faces emotion!


New details on TALES OF BERSERIA’s backstory have also been unveiled. Learn of the exorcists, holy warriors who can fight against daemons thanks to Malaks’ power, and the Abbey, an organization that aims to maintain the world’s order.

Taking part in this world are two new characters: Rokurou, a daemon swordsman wielding dual blades, and Eleanor, a lady exorcist in constant conflict with the heroine Velvet!

The battle system has not been left behind and has undergone significant new changes to give players the best of the famous ‘Tales Of’ gameplay mechanics. The Liberation-LMBS (Linear Motion Battle System) keeps evolving by pursuing greater flexibility of control and greater freedom of Artes Combos. Lastly, a new system for SG (Soul Gauge) comes in and implements the concept of “stealing” souls from enemies.

For more detailed information on the newly revealed features please head to the official Tales of Blog.

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