NCSOFT WildStar’s Destination Arcterra is now LIVE

Today NCSOFT revealed that WildStar’s latest big content update, Destination Arcterra, has arrived. Players will step into Arcterra, a frozen wasteland that has just recently been discovered, and begin their adventure as they continue to uncover the many mysteries of Planet Nexus.

The new area is covered with archaic ruins, dangerous creatures and ancient technology. It is full of challenging content for solo players and groups, and includes a new story-driven instance that will continue the epic tale of Drusera and the escalating conflict with the malevolent Entity. Arcterra takes layered content to a new extreme never-before-seen in WildStar and offers players a ton of new and repeatable content from public events to dozens of bosses.


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In an ongoing search for the Vault of the Archon, the Caretaker has uncovered a previously unexplored area of Nexus. In this expansive new zone players will climb to the top of sheer cliff faces, delve far below the frozen tundra to explore vast underground caves, and explore frozen ruins filled with mysterious foes and untold treasures.

Shiverskull Tower
The base of operations for both Dominion and Exiles while in Arcterra is the Osun-built edifice dubbed Shiverskull Tower. Faction leaders, scientists, and adventurers gather here to discover the previously undiscovered and help to further the Caretaker’s quest to find the Vault of the Archon.

World Bosses
The harsh environs of Arcterra – and the powers of its myriad denizens – have shaped some truly nasty and predatory creatures. While adventuring these difficult enemies will require players to group up to take them down, and when these foes fall even bigger and more terrifying enemies will rise up to take up the fight. Continuing to defeat these tougher bosses will lead to greater recognition and greater rewards.

Bor Milug
The Covenguard protects the secrets of Bor Milug, a series of catacombs carved from the blackest ice in Arcterra. If they can be defeated, members of the Covenguard relinquish pieces of the Blade-Key – an artifact which allows courageous members of the Dominion or Exiles to secure the dark and frigid passageways that are the sole domain of the Iceblood Coven.

New Rewards
A horde of new mounts, pets, housing décor, and other rewards await those who meet the dangers of Arcterra head-on. A cool new snowbike, ice-themed trasks and warpigs, as well as ominous and monumental Osun structures can be earned by completing quests and defeating the mighty bosses to be found in the frozen north.

Madame Fay’s Fortunes
The eerily prophetic Lopp fortune teller Madame Fay has been busy securing an entirely new collection of baubles, toys, and shinies to surprise and delight those who visit her mystical Lopp shop. Visit Madame Fay to secure a chance at new costumes, pets, housing décor, and mounts!

The Vault of the Archon is the ultimate goal of the Caretaker’s expedition into the frozen wasteland of Arcterra. Adventurers will need to work with the forward exploration teams to help uncover its location, but it may take some time before the Vault’s secrets are ready to be revealed.

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