Mysterium: Secrets & Lies Expansion Brings New Content and Mechanics to Phantasmal Family Favourite

Expanded Deck Delivers More Occult Mystery, Unveils Never-Before-Seen Motive Cards

Asmodee Digital, leader in digital board game entertainment, today announced their latest update to haunting family favourite Mysterium, the cooperative deduction game that challenges players to interpret clues provided by a helpful ghost to solve the mystery of his murder. In addition to expanding the deck with new weapons, items and locations, Mysterium: Secrets & Lies also provides a nuanced new game mechanic: story cards, which ask players to discern not only how the victim was killed, but why.

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Secrets and Lies includes 18 new story cards, which players can swap out for murder weapon cards for a little extra challenge: in lieu of unearthing an object, they’ll be digging up grudges and agendas. The expansion also fleshes out Mysterium’s spectral forensics with six new suspects (including Count Warwick himself), six new locations, six new items, and 42 new vision cards. Find Mysterium: Secrets and Lies today on Steam, iOS and Android for €1.99.

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