Looking To Get That Special Gamer that Special Gift? Then Check out This Holiday Gift Guide

If you are having trouble picking out a gift this year for that special gamer in your life, then we can help you out a bit with this handy gift guide which covers pretty much everything for retro fans to gaming in comfort and style.

This guide offers ideas from the folowing companies below:

  • Snakebyte have been making quality gaming accessories for two decades now. The company is stepping up their game and releasing a whole heap of quality designed products for gaming consoles, VR and Android devices. I think you’ll be mighty impressed!
  • Zoopa is a snakebyte brand, specialising in Drones and RC vehicles. German engineering and value prices make the Zoopa range hugely desirable for any enthusiast looking for high octane excitement over the Holidays.
  • Venom A UK accessory brand, Venom design and manufacture a whole host of quality peripherals for console, PC and cellphones. Venom release several licensed accessories for all major formats and are heavily supporting the new Xbox One X and Switch consoles.
  • Game Devil Part of Game Outlet, Game Devil specialise in remarkable value hardware for console gamers. A brand with an eye on growth throughout Europe, Game Devil have just made a name for themselves through launching the Trident PRO-S, one of the first third-party controllers for Nintendo Switch.
  • Retro-Bit is a leading US based manufacturer and distributor of retro console hardware and controllers. Their systems are capable of playing all your favourite cartridges from the past, with unparalleled quality and compatibility and all of course in superb HD.
  • ZYPP – A brand new name in mobile cell phone accessories. High quality and fully MFI certified.
  • Cyrus – A truly legendary name in prestigious British high-end audio, Cyrus have been breaking the mould and setting the standard in audio technology for decades.

Everything below is suited foe all styles of gaming:

Venom – Multi Format Arcade Fight Stick (Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC – £59.99) – venomuk.com

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A brand-new fighting game controller designed for cross-format compatibility, the Arcade Fight Stick is ideal for fighting game fans who play across multiple systems. Designed for comfort when played on the gamer’s laps or when locked in battle on a desk or table, the Arcade Fight Stick features sleek lines and understated good-looks, complementing any gaming rig with style. Fashioned after popular arcade configurations, the Arcade Fight Stick features the classic ball-top joystick and eight-button arcade layout, making members of the fighting game community feel instantly at home and ideal for all popular fighting games as well as retro-gaming across all platforms. For those looking to make their gaming sessions a little less stressful, the included turbo functionality can be assigned to any of the action buttons with a simple flick of a switch!

Venom – Marauder 7.1 Headset (Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PC £49.99) – venomuk.com

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A brand-new gaming headset designed to deliver exceptional audio performance, the Marauder Universal 7.1 Virtual Surround Gaming Headset works across numerous formats, including Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Utilising state-of-the-art virtual 7.1 surround sound technology, the Venom Marauder unleashes extraordinary audio accuracy and realism of effects by dynamically positioning them around the game environment, so gamers will hear enemies approaching – no matter the direction! Every in-game explosion, shot fired and teammate talking is conveyed with impressive audio positioning, replicating the experience of a high-end 7.1 home cinema environment. Further enhancing the experience, Venom have incorporated unique vibration technology, made possible via a second 30mm driver which intelligently reacts to gameplay cues, adding a powerful vibration sensation whenever explosions or loud effects come in to play. Using the in-line remote system, gamers can dynamically alter the vibration feedback to their liking. Combining 40mm Neodymium drivers that deliver powerful bass and refined top-end with the cushioned headband and ear cups which provide exceptional comfort, the Marauder delivers high-quality, immersive sound, ideal for the most sustained of gaming sessions and perfect for gaming, movies and music.

Venom – Xbox One / Xbox One X Twin Docking Station (£17.99) – venomuk.com

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Ideal for use with the new Xbox One X Console, keep controllers fully charged and ready for action, with Venom’s smart Twin Docking Station. The rapid recharge cradle enables you to power up two wireless controllers without needing to leave your Xbox One or Xbox One X powered on. Available in a variety of colours to match the finish of your console, the charging indicators on the Twin Docking Station turn green once fully charged, alerting the gamer when they are good to go get gaming! Two powerful Nimh rechargeable battery packs provide maximum power for gameplay of up to 18 hours. Supplied with two Nimh battery packs.

Venom – PS4 Twin Docking Station (£14.99) – venomuk.com

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Keep controllers fully charged and ready for action, with Venom’s smart Twin Docking Station. The rapid recharge cradle enables you to power up two Dualshock 4 wireless controllers. Available in a variety of colours to match the finish of your console, the charging indicators on the Twin Docking Station turn blue once fully charged, alerting the gamer when they are good to go get gaming. No more cables! Simply attach the micro USB dongles provided for simple drop and charge. Supplied with two micro USB dongles.

Venom – Nintendo Switch Quad Charging Station (£17.99) – venomuk.com

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Keep up to four JoyCon controllers stored, protected and fully charged for action with the Quad Charging Station from Venom for Nintendo Switch. With no mains adapter needed, the Charging Station discretely connects to the USB port of the Switch dock via the USB cable provided and allows gamers to easily slide their JoyCon’s onto the tower design for quick recharge. Matt finish perfectly matches the Dock and the red LED charge indicators located on the tower, turn to blue to indicate when JoyCon’s are fully charged.

Retro-Bit Europe – Super Retro Trio Plus (£119.99) – www.retro-bit.com

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Forget emulation, play genuine NES, SNES and MegaDrive cartridges the way they were meant to be played and in glorious HD! Leaders in retro console hardware, the Super Retro Trio Plus, is an all-new compact console capable of playing original NES, SNES and MegaDrive cartridges from virtually any region in glorious HD via HDMI on any modern display. The Super Retro® Trio Plus features a simple region switch, bringing compatibility with genuine cartridges from NTSC/PF/NJ and, for the first time, PAL regions, allowing players to enjoy their collection of PAL cartridges all over again, but this time via HDMI on modern TV’s and in razer-sharp HD resolution. The Super Retro Trio Plus comes complete with two high-quality controllers, inspired by classic consoles and featuring no fewer than six controller ports, fully compatible with original 1st party and 3rd party controllers for all three console formats.

Game Devil – Trident PRO-S Controller (Nintendo Switch £29.99) – www.game-devil.com

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The Switch Trident PRO-S Controller is a great value game-pad designed to emulate a classic console experience when used with Nintendo Switch. One of the first dedicated third-party controllers to appear for Switch, the Switch Trident PRO-S offers the precision control of an authentic console game pad, without sacrificing the ease of connectivity and low-latency enjoyed by Switch owners. Effortless to use, the PRO-S is fully wireless, ideal for couch play and sustained gaming sessions. With an ergonomic design and high-quality tactile feel, the PRO-S features Dual Analogue Sticks and extended Triggers, allowing for precise movement, whilst the Turbo function is perfect for arcade and action games alike. Equipped with dual feedback for immersive gaming, Switch players are able to customise their gaming sessions further with changeable D-pads, ensuring that the Switch Trident PRO-S Controller offers the best playing experience possible.

Game Devil – Charge Me Up Pack – (Nintendo Switch £17.99) – www.game-devil.com

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Ideal for those long Holiday season road trips, the Nintendo Switch Charge Me Up Pack, keeps your Nintendo Switch powered and ready for action wherever you are! A great value pack, theCharge Me Up Pack features two different chargers: an AC adapter which supports faster charging with USB-C output and a car charger with USB-C output, allowing gamers to recharge their console regardless of location.

Game Devil – On the Move Pack – (Nintendo Switch £16.99) – www.game-devil.com

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A fantastic solution for storing and protecting your Switch, games and associated accessories, the Nintendo Switch On the Move Pack has been designed for gamers who wish to keep their console at its best whilst travelling, without the risk of damage to their device. The durable EVA case and high-end screen protector give gamers peace of mind by protecting their console from scratches and dust, and two game cartridge holders offer a similar level of protection for up to eight cartridges. The pack also features two silicon sleeves for the JoyCon controllers and matching thumb grips (both in blue and red). The pack is rounded out by a set of headphones, ensuring that the console can be played fully in comfort whether at home or whilst travelling.

Snakebyte – Game:Pad 4 S – (PS4) – www.mysnakebyte.com

The Holidays are a time for gaming with friends and family, and any get-together will need extra controllers for local co-op play! The Game:Pad 4 S is a high-quality wired controller for PS4 which doesn’t sacrifice on quality, features or compatibility, yet represents remarkable value for money. The Game:Pad 4 S features the familiar Touch Pad, Share Button and Dual Vibration motors found on the official controller, alongside a generous three meter / 9.8 foot cable, enabling comfortable play in the largest of environments. Ergonomic design and impressive build quality prove that you CAN have it all in a third-party controller!

Snakebyte – Game:Pad S Pro (Nintendo Switch) – www.mysnakebyte.com

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The second controller for Nintendo Switch in the Little Big PR Holiday Guide, the Wireless Game:Pad S Pro, by snakebyte, brings the familiar precision control of a console game pad to your Switch gaming experience, adding comfort and authenticity for extended playing sessions. Utilizing Bluetooth 3.0 technology, latency and input lag are a thing of the past, providing a rock-solid connection at all times. Dual precision analog Thumb Sticks and dual Rumble Motors add to the immersion, and integrated Capture Button allows you to save and show off your greatest gaming triumphs. Lastly, assignable Turbo Feature gives gamers the edge they need when fingers just aren’t fast enough!

Snakebyte – Gaming:Seat (£174.99) www.mysnakebyte.com

The snakebyte Gaming:Seat provides first class comfort, specially designed for gaming and allowing full concentration for better concentration and gaming results. Featuring an impressive array of adjustable settings, the Gaming:Seat fits in with your personal comfort for a superbly comfortable gaming experience every time. The ergonomic and stylish design not only provides luxurious comfort, but separates the Gaming:Seat from mediocre furniture, making a statement wherever it’s used. With its high-quality materials and solid engineering, the Gaming:Seat is built to last. Ideal for everyday use, office work and of course gaming, the Gaming:Seat is the only chair you need for your gaming sessions.

Snakebyte – PC Pro Range – www.mysnakebyte.com

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Designed to break free from the baffling array of professional gaming products available at high prices and with confusing specifications, the new range of PC hardware from snakebyte has been designed to offer a simple to understand, three-tier range of products (Standard, Pro and Ultra). The snakebyte PC range refuses to sacrifice on quality components, with specs matching products found on far more expensive alternatives. The PC Gaming Mouse Pro features the popular Avago 2050 optical gaming sensor delivering tried-and-tested performance. With four individual DPI settings and seven ergonomic mouse buttons, the PC Gaming Mouse Pro also features seven color LED lighting and a rubber coated mouse wheel for superior play. The PC Gaming Keyboard Pro features an aluminum top cover and laser etched key caps, delivering exceptional looks, feel and performance. Designed to offer an authentic mechanical feel, the back lit RGB keypad offers a lifetime of reliability and gaming service. The PC Gaming Mousepad Pro is ideal for more elaborate gaming rigs, featuring an oversized 80cm x 30cm gaming surface, perfect for complex gaming and sweeping mouse movements. Features sewn off edges and an easy glide non low-friction surface.

These gifts are for those needing to fill up space in their Tech Cave:

Cyrus ONE Amplifier – (£699.99) – http://www.cyrusaudio.com

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Cyrus Audio, the UK’s leading premium audio manufacturer, recently announced a new initiative, partnering with global music and entertainment platform TIDAL® to lead the hi-fi, home streaming revolution. For a limited time, Cyrus is packaging its critically-acclaimed Cyrus ONE Amplifier, with a Chromecast® Audio streaming device and three-month subscription to TIDAL’s HiFi streaming service, providing everything needed (bar speakers) for instant enjoyment of hi-fi streaming audio, all for a package retailing at under £700.00. With the new package from Cyrus, music lovers can enjoy true hi-fi streaming at home from a prestige audio system. Simply connect the Cyrus ONE to a set of high quality speakers, plug Chromecast into the amplifier, follow an easy setup procedure and once complete, the system is simple to use and control directly from your smartphone. TIDAL’s HiFi tier is the leading standard in lossless audio streaming. Simply selecting the Chromecast option which automatically appears in the TIDAL App, music lovers can enjoy millions of tracks in hi-fi quality. In partnership with MQA (Master Quality Authenticated), TIDAL offers ‘Master’ quality audio in over 105,000 tracks. Superior to regular or even aptX® Bluetooth®, streaming via Chromecast Audio affords music streaming without compromise, with zero compression delivering lossless audio that reveals staggering detail and clarity. Unlike the majority of consumer streaming devices, Chromecast Audio features a high-specification DAC (Digital Analogue Converter), widely revered for its ability to deliver incredible levels of audio detail. A multifaceted high-performance amplifier designed to appeal to the modern-day audiophile, the Cyrus ONE has been engineered to articulate every nuance of the performance with the precision and detail expected from the Cyrus name. Featuring Cyrus’ own third generation hybrid Class D amplifier design, providing 2 x 100W of power (into 6 Ω at 0.1% THD+N), an aptX® compatible Bluetooth connection, a dedicated high power, high voltage class AB headphone amplifier, MM Phono stage, and 4-line level inputs, the Cyrus ONE can itself be controlled via remote control or the free App for iOS or Android.

Zypp Case – (iPhone 6, 6s, 7 8, iPhone X – £49.99)

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ZYPP, a new name in high-quality mobile phone accessories, brings style, power and protection to the iPhone with the fully ‘MFI’ certified ZYPP Case, a uniquely designed power case for new generation iPhone users, including iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Distributed via Venom UK, the ZYPP Case offers high-performance power, 360° protection and none of the compromises typically associated with bulky power cases. The ZYPP Case comprises of two pieces: a sleek, low-profile case, enveloping the iPhone and offering full body protection, along with a 2500 mAh removable battery module which effortlessly slides onto the case, providing over a full charge of wireless power in an instant. The removable battery module offers easy wireless recharging on the go, and features a convenient LED power indicator. Lightweight, durable and expertly engineered, the ZYPP Case is built with the highest quality materials, the case ensures reliable and safe use at all times. Two protective cases are included in pack – one for the all-new iPhone X and one for iPhone 8 (which also fits previous generation iPhones). Both cases provide superior edge-to-edge protection with raised corners for added security against drops and knocks. The discrete design allows for easy access to all of the iPhone’s buttons, ports and features whilst protecting against everyday use

Zoopa Phoenix HD and Phoenix HD Pro S Drone – ($179.99 / $229.99) – www.myzoopa.com

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Zoopa, a snakebyte group brand, take to the skies with the Phoenix HD and Phoenix HD Pro S, a new line of high-performance drones engineered in Germany. With both drones featuring integrated 2-axis camera stabilization (gimbal) technology, the Phoenix is capable of capturing silky-smooth images and video at HD resolutions and all at an incredible price, unique for such a high-specification. The Phoenix HD and HD Pro S brings advanced features like auto land and take-off, auto hover and return functionality combines with pro level camera setup into a price segment never seen before. Available in two flavours: HD & HD Pro S, both drones feature HD cameras with the standard HD shooting at a 720p resolution, and the HD Pro S upgrading to full 1080p. Users can view their photography in real time, sending images direct to their smartphone thanks to on board Wi-Fi video technology.

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