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Journey Beyond Space In ESSENCE – The Resurrection Currently On Kickstarter

A wonderful concoction of strange and breathtaking new worlds, beautiful stylised visuals and brain teasing puzzles – this is what the newest game, ESSENCE, which just launched on Kickstarter aims to bring to the video game world.

Created and developed by ONEVISION Games, ESSENCE is a crossover between an exploration and non-violent adventure game set in a world that revives and evolves along with the gameplay, changing continuously with the players’ progress. It debuts on Kickstarter to raise €15,000 until March 1 in order to complete the game and make it available in Mac, Windows, Linux, Xbox One, and PS4. Within the first week of its campaign ESSENCE was already able to raise more than 40% of its initial goal.

One of the game creators and developers of ESSENCE from the Berlin based game startup, Tim Bachmann, states: “ESSENCE is more of an overall experience than “just a game”. You will be dragged in by its story and strong emotions, get lost in its beautiful worlds and it will leave an impact that you will never forget.”

In ESSENCE the player progress through the game by finding the essence of the world buried deep inside itself and discovering more and more of the story which is highly connected with the actual gameplay and design elements. From being abstract, the world will begin to take shape and the story behind ESSENCE will become more clear. It is the main goal of the game to figure out what happened in the world of ESSENCE, how the worlds are connected and what to do about it to change fate.

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ESSENCE has five core worlds that are interconnected. Bachmann adds, “The world of ESSENCE contains more than 20 different separate sub worlds. Each one of them with a specific theme and specific unique mysteries, landscapes and general mood.”

Players will also be able to unlock various parts of the game by mastering dangerous challenges, solving brain teasing puzzles, collecting specific artifacts or learning new abilities like floating, freezing and reverting time or sending out light to brighten their way.

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Through the crowdfunding campaign, the team at ONEVISION hopes to complete ESSENCE and bring it to all adventure and puzzle gamers not only in Europe but the whole world. While they aim to raise €15,000, they also have stretch goals that will allow them to unlock more worlds, to provide Virtual Reality support and to translate the game in more languages.

In return for the backers’ support, ONEVISION will not only be giving rewards according to the backers’ chosen tiers, but also include every backer within the game. ESSENCE offers the option to travel its world as a spirit which can advise the player, show the protagonist secrets and hidden places, tell him a story or quote about the backers life or company the player for a while on his journey. ESSENCE even offers the possibility to become an ancient Titan, which are the former guardians of this forgotten world.

Why should you check out ESSENCE – The Resurrection? Well having taken a look at the games Kickstarter trailer it instantly reminded me of the game Journey from the PS3 in terms of presentation. To be compared to Journey is not a bad thing as that was one of my favourite titles I have on the PS3. Go check out the games Kickstarter page to help bring this title to the masses.

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