Independence Day: Resurgence Battle Heroes’ Mobile Game Soft Launch

Zen Studios and Fox Digital Entertainment have teamed up for an all-new mobile strategy RPG based on INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE.

INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE BATTLE HEROES has soft launched on iOS in Canada, and is in worldwide open Beta on Android devices. Join the Earth Space Defense and protect mankind from the alien invasion by building the ultimate combat fleet to wage war in exciting turn-based battles across a variety of locations inspired by INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE. Players will upgrade their units to empower the human alliance, manage their fleet, create their own Area 51 hangar and collect famous ESD pilots while teaming up with players from around the world for turn-based PvP and co-op events.

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INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE BATTLE HEROES officially launches on iOS, Android, and Amazon platforms on June 9, 2016.

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