Homefront: The Revolution – Xbox One Beta Timing Confirmation & Details

All the details about the Homefront: The Revolution Xbox One Closed Beta and Resistance Mode is below.

Homefront The Revolution – Closed Beta info:
Xbox One only

Start: Thursday, 11 AM PST (2 PM EST, 7 PM GMT, 8 PM CET)

End: Sunday, midnight PST (Monday 3 AM EST, 8 AM GMT, 9 AM CET)

What is the Closed Beta?

This Closed Beta is a true technical beta and represents a work in development. Frame rate, graphics, textures, and animations are all unfinished in this Closed Beta, and are not final quality nor representative of the current state of development of the full game

The Closed Beta is a chance for you to get your first hands-on with Resistance Mode, the new four-player online co-operative multiplayer mode in Homefront: The Revolution.

It is also a chance for us to test our servers, match-making systems, and various other technical and gameplay elements ahead of release.

The Closed Beta will run exclusively on Xbox One from February 11-14.

There are still some keys available, so if you want to join the Revolution, jump on over to https://www.homefront-game.com/beta

What is Resistance Mode?

Resistance Mode has you and three fellow Fighters take on the KPA together, across a range of diverse story-driven Missions online. As you try to complete Missions, you will steadily unlock more skills, weapons, gear, and Guerrilla Toolkit equipment to increase your options for tactical gameplay. And you will need them to tackle Missions on the hardest difficulty!

Resistance Mode in the Closed Beta will feature a limited set of content compared to the full game and is not representative of the final feature set.

There will be three missions available:

Enemy at the Gates

There’s an elite squad of KPA Special Forces operating within Holloway Red Zone. They have been taking out our patrols out all across the zone. We need to deal with them or run the risk of being driven out of Holloway for good. That’s where the Wraiths come in. Find a KPA communication array and hack into it. You should be able to triangulate their position from there. You’ll need to control two dishes in order to get a precise location, but be careful. Once the KPA know what you’re doing they will come down on you hard.

A las Barricadas

This area has been quiet for a while but recently there have been reports of enemy movement. Our guess is that they are trying to identify our safe houses and tunnel entrances; we can’t let that happen. We are sending the Wraiths, Bridgeburners, and Eagles to scout out the zone and report back on enemy movements, and numbers. This is strictly a reconnaissance mission, we don’t want to draw the KPA further into the area and risk exposing our location. If they have figured out where we are, we’re in trouble. This area has become a relative safe haven for us recently, let’s try and keep it that way.


We have been monitoring this KPA outpost for weeks, hoping for Intel on supply movements. Yesterday, our surveillance paid off. It appears that a pair of armored cars loaded with military grade medical supplies and food rations, are set to leave the outpost in a few days’ time. Your team will make its way through KPA territory, infiltrate the enemy stronghold, and neutralize all resistance. Once secure, Clarke and his team will meet up with you at the stronghold. Your team will provide escort for the trucks whilst Tobias and his team drive them to the rendezvous point.

Resistance Mode at and after launch

We have big plans for Resistance Mode after Homefront: The Revolution releases, and we’ll be supporting this mode with a ton of free DLC for at least a year. We are planning to have around twelve diverse Missions available at the time of release, and we will continue to work on a steady flow of new Missions to more than double that number within the first 12 months.

All of these future Missions will always be available as FREE content. Resistance Mode will also evolve, as we’ll also be listening to community feedback and adding new features. These updates and additions will also always be free.

What is of the utmost importance to us is that our players will always be able to play the latest content together. That means no feeling left behind if you don’t buy the latest map pack, and no giving up on online play if you and your friends come back after a break only to find out you are missing half the content.

In Resistance Mode, you also earn XP and in-game currency every time you try (or maybe even beat) one of our challenging Missions. XP is used to unlock Skills to tailor your personal Freedom Fighter characters with special bonuses. Focus on boosts to stealth, close range or long range combat, your Guerrilla Toolkit, or crazy combinations; the choice is yours.

In-game currency can be used to purchase Resistance Crates of various types. These Crates unlock weapons, gear, and items to tailor your roster of Freedom Fighters to custom roles. This serves a dual purpose of personal expression and your role in a team composition as you and your friends try to tackle Missions on the hardest difficulty settings.

Taking on Missions through all difficulty settings will net you a ton of XP and in-game currency, which we think will keep you unlocking new Skills and Crates at a fair and steady rate until you’ve managed to beat everything on Hard. In addition, there is an optional ability to purchase in-game currency using real world money for those players who may not have the time or the desire to unlock everything using the free path available to everyone. If you prefer to unlock everything yourself through team-work and persistence, though, you will be able to unlock every piece of gear and equipment for free.

But remember: as Resistance Mode is a cooperative mode, the only way to win is to become skilled and to play as a team. Play as one, strike as one.

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