Heavy Metal Machines Bomb Upgrade Launches With Videos Highlighting Extensive Gameplay Improvements

First European Tournament Announced With Over €10,000 Up For Grabs

Hoplon releases a major Bomb Mechanic upgrade for its combat racing MOBA alongside new modes and community features, plus registration details for inaugural Esports European Tournament announced

Hoplon, the developers behind the upcoming car-combat MOBA Heavy Metal Machines, today unleashed a slew of new upgrades derived from a combination of developer tweaks and community feedback, which vastly improve the frenetic, yet nuanced nature of the gameplay.

Other enhancements being rolled out, which look set to propel Heavy Metal Machines into the realms of competitive esports, are as follows:

European Competition
Hoplon will be offering in excess of €10,000 for the first ever European Heavy Metal Machines Esports competition, which will take place later this summer (full details to come in the near future). Registration opens on 1st July.

New Community Feature – Teams
Now it’s possible to run with your crew with the Teams feature

  • Team: Group created with a defined name, tag and icon picture. You can create and check your team’s info by clicking on a flag in the game main screen.
  • Team Leader: Invite Steam’s friends to join it, remove players and pass the leadership.
  • Joining the Team: You could only join the team if you received the leader’s invitation.
    Teams can have up to 5 members.

New Game mode – Custom Match
It’s now possible to create an all-customised match! Just click on Custom Match in the game main screen and become the room’s creator to play with your friends

  • Creator’s skills: move a player to the other team, ban, close lobby, start a match and send Access Codes.
  • Access Code: the creator can copy and send the Access Code to any player he wants to invite to play along. Players can use the Access Code to play a Custom Match.

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