Harmonix Releases Rock Band 4 Features Video

Direct from legendary local guitar instructor Kool Terry comes this irresistible epic full of thrills and chills that will delight Rock Band fans of all ages.

Learn the secrets of Rock Band 4’s crazy new feature set! Get a preview of what’s to come on October 6th! See why Kool Terry is so popular that 18 different people follow him on Twitter (http://twitter.com/Kool_Terry)! Directed by Matt Kristek, creator of a pretty decent chicken broccoli casserole, this delightful comedy-adventure-romp will make you want to watch again and again.

“This is the greatest rock video ever made, besides maybe that Whitesnake one with the redhead on the car!” – Kool Terry
“I guess technically this is a video.” – Steve Spielberg
“I am 12 and what is this.” – a fan

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