Guitar Hero Live Shows Off Its New Axe Skills at EGX

This year is going to see the resurrection of both the Rock Band series and of course Activision’s Guitar Hero franchise. Both were at attendance this year at EGX and since it was XLC Gaming Network’s first EGX appearance we couldn’t not visit both titles for some hands on experience. This year has seen FreestyleGames almost reinvent the plastic axe to give music gamers a fresh experience. So what did I think of Guitar Hero Live? Keep reading to find out more.

For Guitar Hero Live Activision and FreeastyleGames have redesigned the plastic guitar to give a much more realistic feeling to playing guitar. It seems both Rock Band and Guitar Hero will leave learning a real guitar to the awesome Rocksmith. What the former two games want to achieve is a more instant and much more accessible way to let players feel like a rock God in as short a time as possible. Both go their own ways to achieve this and for now I want to talk how Guitar Hero Live does exactly this.

In the past there was six fret buttons on the guitar for players to use which at the time was the norm for all games of this type. In Guitar Hero Live this is still the case but instead of one line of six buttons there are now two lines of three fret buttons. This paves the way for the team to get players to play basic chord shapes instead of just pressing buttons for the sake of it. As an avid player of Rocksmith this new design could actually tempt players to possibly take up learning the real guitar. Although this would still be quite a leap, but not impossible. For those that are use to playing past titles in the franchise it may feel a little weird to start with but I picked it up within one song. So while it’s a newly designed axe, it is still very accessible even for players new to the franchise. There was only a handful of songs on offer at EGX but they were lengthy songs given you a fair amount of play time.


The title itself has also seen a revamp to go in line with the redesigned peripheral. The note chart now uses two different pick styles that indicate what row of fret buttons to use. There were also various graphics in the picks but it’s not something that went into depth for obvious reasons of time. This is something that I will need to wait for the full game to give more info on. Again this is ultra easy to learn and is anything but off-putting. Even the youngest gamers will pick this up with ease. The games presentation in general has also seen some massive changes that does certainly have an instant impact on your experience. This year Guitar Hero Live puts you on the stage in a first-person style mode. Along with this FreestyleGames have also opted for the realistic approach putting you in front of a real life crowd. This gives the impression that you are playing a live concert in a way that previous titles couldn’t deliver.

From my short time having some hands on gameplay, Guitar Hero Live certainly brings it’s own take on reinventing the plastic axe. This is also doubly achieved by the change in the games overall presentation and I can see why they have went for a more realistic experience for Guitar Hero’s revival. On this early first impression of Guitar Hero Live it is certainly a title where I want to play the finished product. It did feel good playing in front of a real crowd and I have to admit I got a little lost in the experience which is always a good sign of things to come. This year I think Guitar Hero Live, Rock Band and Rocksmith will be able to sit next to each other in your gaming library as all three have something unique and worthwhile to offer gamers.

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