Got A Newly Built Man Cave and Some Spare Cash to Spend? Look No Further

With Christmas on the horizon it is that time of year again to be thinking of holiday gifts. If you are buying for a fellow gamer or if you have just built your own “Man Cave” then you will want to check out a selection of premium gaming related presents that are just dying to be on your list.

LucidSound is without a doubt the most exciting new name in gaming audio. Since shipping their first product in March, the company has been on a roller-coaster ride of success, picking up accolades and awards wherever they go. These really are gaming headsets like no other. Nothing sounds as good or looks as great in the industry today and you MUST check out the new LS20 and LS40!

Snakebyte have been making quality gaming accessories for two decades now! The company is stepping up their game and releasing a whole heap of quality designed products for gaming consoles, VR and Android devices. I think you’ll be mighty impressed! Furthermore, snakebyte operate a brand named Zoopa, concentrating on racing drones, another category which is set to be huge as we head towards the holidays.

Bespoke Arcades is a very British company with attention to detail like no other. They ship globally and simply put, they make the worlds’ most stunning gaming arcades which can be customised to your needs. They’re not just for the rich and famous, Bespoke Arcades start at under a thousand pounds and offer an experience like no other. This Christmas, check out the ridiculous new King-Pin Virtual Arcade Cabinet. A contemporary take on pinball, it’s like owning every classic table all at once! It’s crazy cool and I think you’re gonna love it!

For the Gamer:

LucidSound LS20 Amplified Universal Gaming Headset (PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mac, Smartphones and Smart Devices – £89.99 / $99.99)lucidsound-ls20

LucidSound is the most exciting name in gaming audio today. A new company comprised entirely of professionals from a gaming audio background, LucidSound formed to build a better headset, focusing on high quality audio, control innovation and beautiful, lifestyle orientated designs, notably different from the child-like aesthetic so common in this sector. Following the launch of the critically acclaimed LS30 headset, the LS20 is a new breed of gaming headset, redefining what gamers’ can expect at a sub $100 price point. Combining high-fidelity audio with a uniquely intuitive control scheme, the LS20 incorporates a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery providing up to 20 hours of powered amplification when used with console, PC/Mac, or mobile devices. The LS20 provides exceptionally powerful and vibrant audio, ideal for experiencing every nuance of game audio while being able to clearly converse with online teammates. Featuring Active (amplified) and Passive (unpowered) modes, should the headset run out of battery power, the passive mode continues to provide high-quality audio even when powered off. Taking design cues from the LS30, the LS20 features the same acclaimed ear-cup controls allowing gamers to instantly and intuitively access game-volume, game-mute, and mic-mute. Plug in a smartphone and volume, mute, mic mute, call, and playback controls are all at the gamers’ fingertips built into the headset. 40mm speakers with neodymium magnets provide deep bass and clear highs, complete with the carefully crafted, signature LucidSound audio acoustics. Bass-Boost enhances the low-end yet further, ideal for FPS games and built-in mic-monitoring allows players to hear their own voice through the headset. Lastly, the LS20 features a removable boom mic as well as an integrated hidden mic, affording truly universal use and sporting an understated design that uses premium materials including an aluminium frame.

LucidSound LS30 (PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mac, Smartphones and Smart Devices £119.99 / $149.99)lucidsound-ls30

LucidSound is the most exciting name in gaming audio today. A new company comprised entirely of professionals from a gaming audio background, LucidSound formed to build a better headset, focusing on high quality audio, control innovation and beautiful, lifestyle orientated designs, notably different from the child-like aesthetic so common in this sector. The LS30 Wireless Universal Gaming Headset features a uniquely refreshing design, far removed from bulky, over-engineered designs commonly associated with gaming audio and instead focusing on comfort, style, and innovation. Proprietary channel-hopping technology provides interference-free audio and advanced 2.4GHz uncompressed wireless technology provides best-in-class sound quality. 50mm Neodymium drivers provide deep bass and clear highs while three audio modes, Normal, Bass Boost and Treble Boost, provide gamers with optimal audio for a wide range of gaming genres. In addition, the rechargeable battery offers up to 15 hours of uninterrupted gameplay.

LucidSound LS40 Wireless Surround Universal Gaming Headset (PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mac, Smartphones and Smart Devices £229.99 / $199.99)lucidsound-ls40

LucidSound is the most exciting name in gaming audio today. A new company comprised entirely of professionals from a gaming audio background, LucidSound formed to build a better headset, focusing on high quality audio, control innovation and beautiful, lifestyle orientated designs, notably different from the child-like aesthetic so common in this sector. The LS40 advances the best-in-class audio experience yet further with the introduction of state-of-the-art DTS Headphone:X™ audio technology. Working in harmony with the headsets’ specially crafted 50mm drivers, the sound is tuned in-house by LucidSound audio engineers to deliver spatially accurate, audiophile-grade 7.1 surround sound. Gamers can select between two surround-sound modes (movie and gaming) and three enhanced stereo modes, (regular, wide and front speaker) to further customise their audio preference. The LS40 utilizes advanced uncompressed wireless technology that eliminates interference and provides a rock-solid signal with unparalleled audio fidelity. Enhancing the critically acclaimed ear-cup control scheme, gamers can individually alter game and chat volume without needing to locate ungainly buttons, and the all-new Smartphone Control provides full support for cell phones, allowing gamers to take a call, hang up and control audio playback using the ear-cup alone. Integrated rechargeable battery provides up to 15 hours of uninterrupted gaming and built in mic-monitoring allows players to hear their own voice through their headset.

Snakebyte Game:Kit (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One)snakebyte-xbox-one-game-kit

The snakebyte game:kit is ideal for transporting your game controller and accessories when travelling to friends and family over the holiday season. Protecting your controller in a high quality, tough, yet extremely light carry case, it’s unique triangular design combines safety with ample storage space. The controller compartment snugly fits your console game pad to prevent damage and lifts to reveal a secondary compartment to house your accessories. Included with the game:kit is a three metre USB charging cable and four Controller Caps which protect your thumbsticks during transport. Comes complete with the practical carabiner, allowing you to quickly attach to a bag or backpack when on the move.

Snakebyte Game:Pad (PlayStation 4)snakebyte-ps4-game-pad

The Game:Pad 4 provides precision control and ergonomic design to PS4 gamers. Compatible with all PS4 games and apps, the controller includes a full complement of controls, including silky-smooth analog thumb sticks, advanced dual vibration motors, clickable touch pad as well as Share and Option buttons. The ergonomic trigger and action buttons have been designed to provide years of effortless response, all combining to provide a great value, highly desirable game pad, perfect for local co-op parties when hosting friends and families over the holidays’!

Snakebyte VR Game:Pad (Android / PC)snakebyte-vr-controller

Designed specifically for the new generation of VR headsets, the VR:Controller from snakebyte provides an optimal gaming experience across Android and PC based VR gaming. A fully featured ergonomic game pad, the in-built Bluetooth technology quickly and simply connects to your device, and with its in-built HID profile, it automatically adapts to the game you’re playing with no need for complicated button remapping. Featuring exceptionally low wireless latency, controlling your virtual worlds will be effortless and responsive, and the integrated Lithium-Ion battery stands up to even the most demanding of gaming sessions. The next-generation of virtual reality gaming demands that players are equipped with reliable, high-quality and intuitive control in order to navigate their virtual environment without being able to look at their controller in hand. Featuring dedicated ‘Back, Home and Recent’ buttons for use with Android devices, the custom controls allow gamers to master their device and access key features intuitively, serving as your secret weapon when braving the new frontier!

For The Man Cave:

Bespoke Arcades Nu-Gen Gaming Arcade (From £3795 / $4600)bespoke-arcades-nu-gen

World leaders in custom, hand-crafted arcade machines, Bespoke Arcades ship their stunning creations all over the world and the last word in authentic arcade systems for the home. Hand built to order in the United Kingdom from the finest materials and authentic components, all the arcade machines from Bespoke Arcades feature unrivalled build quality and attention to detail. Featuring custom animated menu systems, and on-line internet connectivity, the arcades can be updated remotely to add all-new games and even rent thousands of arcade and console titles from online library’s! Fully customizable, gamers can add their own design and graphics to the chassis of the arcade as well! The Nu-Gen is based on modern Japanese arcade design and features huge 32” HD widescreen, high-quality stereo audio and a choice of arcade stick components to providing the genuine arcade feel. Comes with a huge selection of classic arcade titles to play and thousands more can be added effortlessly at the touch of a button!

Bespoke Arcades King-Pin Virtual Pinball (From £5995 / $7260)bespoke-arcades-king-pin

The King-Pin Virtual Pinball Table is a revolutionary new concept in pinball entertainment, enabling gamers to play dozens of classic tables and modern masterpieces, all via a single, beautifully made pinball cabinet. The King-Pin may look like an ordinary pinball table, but the cabinet conceals a powerful PC allowing for an army of pinball tables ready to play at the touch of a flipper! The King-Pin combines new technology and traditional pinball components to create a flawlessly authentic experience. Hand-crafted using precision cut CNC assembly and state-of-the-art engineering, the King-Pin utilizes multiple displays to drive the action. Cunningly integrated are a 43inch high-definition display used for the table action itself, a secondary 28inch Back Glass Display combined with an LCD DMD (Dot Matric Display) to present accurate pinball artwork as well as table specific scoring and mini-game features. Utilizing a series of advanced force feedback motors, dynamic back glass lighting, concealed actuators and interactive RGB lighting, the discrete technology works in perfect synchronization with the pinball software to deliver powerful two-way feedback to the player, recreating every nuance of the table and even allowing players to tilt and nudge, just as they would a regular table! With the ability to add new classic tables as well as an ongoing roster of new releases, gamers can even use the King-Pin with homebrew software, allowing them to design and play their own tables, limited only by their imagination!

Zoopa Q55 Racing Dronezoopa-q55

Redefining expectations from an entry level drone, the Q55 features three individual flying modes, tailored for speed and agility and making it the ideal product for beginners and experts alike! Color coded paintwork aids with flight orientation, and starting to fly with the Q55 is simplicity itself. Before long, users will be performing, loops and stunts with ease! With its integrated LED lighting and 360° flip, the Q55 is compact in design and extremely manoeuvrable.

Zoopa Q165 Racing Dronezoopa-q165

A quadcopter so easy to manoeuvre that it’s safe for living room use, the Q165 features four powerful blades, each protected by the chassis to avoid damage to the drone and environment should a collision occur. Lightweight design and compact dimensions allow for agile flight characteristics and front and rear lights provide easy orientation when in flight. The integrated six-axis gyro 2.0 technology provides extremely stable flight no matter what the skill level and the in-built automatic
360 ° looping function will drop jaws everywhere it flies!

Zoopa Q420 Racing Drone

Capture breath-taking skyward footage in stunning HD video with the super-light Q420 cruiser. Equipped with the FlyCamOne Nano HD camera, photographs and video are triggered via the remote control, effortlessly captured on SD card at the touch of a button. The integrated six-axis gyro 2.0 technology guarantees a silky-smooth flight at any skill level, and with four selectable flight modes, all skill-sets are accounted for. The powerful engines and high-precision components help to stabilise flight and to make complex manoeuvers look easy! The color coded rotors ensure easy orientation when airborne and for night-time flying, the integrated LED lights powerfully illuminate the flight path for a visually stunning display.

Why not begin 2017 in style with some of the best gifts money can buy no matter if you are buying for a gamer or even your newly built Man Cave.

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