Ghostly Goings-on in Mystery Match This Halloween

Mystery Match, the intuitively addictive puzzle game steeped in an Agatha Christie-inspired detective story, is conjuring up 20 brand new levels in a spooky setting, just in time for Halloween.

Outplay Entertainment’s engrossing match-3 puzzle hit has long been keeping mobile gamers glued to their screens, and was also launched on Facebook in the summer.In the new update, Emma and Julian make their way to the Knight’s Estate – a spooky rural setting adorned with ruined gardens and a haunted workshop, where our heroes will be haunted by ghosts of the past… This update also introduces a tricky new puzzle challenge – A tricky Knight chess piece which moves around the board, destroying gems!

Uniquely, Mystery Match combines puzzle-solving and jewel-matching fun with a deep and compelling detective story. Join Edwardian sleuths Emma Fairfax and Julian Beaumont on a globetrotting adventure as they follow the shadowy trail of a genius inventor, solving a series of cryptic puzzle boxes to unravel the mystery. The new levels bring Mystery Match up to a total of 280 challenges set in exotic locations, from Venice to the Egyptian Pyramids, where players can match jewels and race against friends to clear each gripping stage and become super sleuths.

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