From Gamejam to Full Launch- The Unholy Spawn of EGX Rezzed, Tango Fiesta!

Game developer Spilt Milk Studios and publishers Mastertronic are thrilled to announce 80’s action-movie-in-the-guise-of-a-videogame Tango Fiesta will launch in full glory this September!

That’s right folks, top-down co-operative two stick shooter Tango Fiesta will be heading to small screens near you on September 24th! Follow in the footsteps of the world’s greatest hero, John Strong, as you and three friends shoot, blast, brawl, dodge-roll, unlock and smash your way through the true stories behind 80’s action movie classics in this endless and endlessly entertaining arcade action rogue-lite.

BONUS NEW GAME – The Legend of Tango JRPG: play as the devs and experience the inception of Tango Fiesta!
And to celebrate the news the game developers have a surprise up their sleeves as they’ve just released a bonus free metagame! Spilt Milk Studios have unveiled their entire development story in the best way they know how- videogame form. Play as the game developers themselves in comedic The Legend of Tango JRPG and witness the making of Tango Fiesta! The Legend of Tango is available now and free to play on Pc via Steam.

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Check out the ridiculous trailer below:

The Legend of Tango is available now to download free on Steam.

Tango Fiesta is launching at EGX!
Tango Fiesta was conceived as an entry at the 2013 Creative Assembly GameJam at EGX Rezzed, where indie developers gathered for their love of jamming and to showcase their talent in a brutal 8 hours. Now the game is set to launch at the place it all started in epic fashion. In true indie style, Spilt Milk Studios will launch the game on Steam live before fans at a developer talk in the Rezzed programme of talks at EGX in Birmingham on 24th September. There will be fanfare!

Tango Fiesta will be playable in the Rezzed area at EGX this September and the game will launch in full on 24th September for PC and Mac.

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