First Expansion to Cities: Skylines Revealed!

Paradox Interactive have officially announced the first major expansion coming to Cities: Skylines, and it’s got enough new stuff to keep you playing all night long. It’s called After Dark and it’s going to change the way your city looks, acts, and grows!

Thing coming to After Dark is a full day/night cycle for your city. When the sun goes down, the lights will go on, and your city will turn into a glittering tableau of streetlights and glowing neon. There’s much more to After Dark than new graphics, however: when evening rolls around, your citizens will stop worrying about going to work, and start thinking about having fun!

New nighttime hot spots will become a big draw for residents and tourists alike, as people flock to nightclubs, restaurants, karaoke bars, and more. You’ll have to worry about getting the crowds to and from your downtown leisure areas – even if folks have to get home safely in newly available taxicabs!

What’s more, there’s plenty of other stuff that aspiring mayors can build for their cities at any time of day: prisons for the criminal populace, bus and bike lanes for alternate commuters, beachfront properties for fun in the sun, and so much more!

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