FINAL FANTASY XV Episode Prompto DLC Takes Players on an Action-Packed Ride Now

Free Update Adds Regalia Upgrades, Music from Episode Prompto and More

The world of FINAL FANTASY XV continues to expand with the release of Episode Prompto, the new DLC episode where players can experience a brand-new storyline from the perspective of the fan-favourite character, Prompto. Players will get a glimpse in to the human side ofthe cheerful photographer, as Prompto Argentum and Aranea Highwind embark across a snowy wilderness with an array of new weapons to battle Imperial forces.


  • A brand-new storyline, where Prompto, lost in the wilderness and battling against the Imperial forces, must find his way home and discover the truth about himself in the process
  • Fast-paced, third-person gunplay battles featuring a wide variety of weapons, including basic handguns, sniper rifles, flash grenades, bazookas and more
  • A new lightning fast snowmobile vehicle can be driven for taking down enemies and perform death-defying jumps while venturing through the wilderness
  • Commodore Aranea Highwind and her mighty lance return to journey alongside Prompto
  • Selfie Action – Players will have the ability to take selfies along the way, carrying over Prompto’s Snapshot skill from the main game

SQUARE ENIX also released a free update today gives players the ability to upgrade the Regalia to the new Type-D model at Hammerhead. This new update gives the player greater freedom to drive the Regalia off-road through various environments. Finally, the update also includes new Episode Prompto themed tracks in the Regalia, various fixes and more.

FINAL FANTASY XV: EPISODE PROMPTO is available now as a standalone package through the Xbox Games Store and PlayStation Store or as part of the Season Pass.

FINAL FANTASY XV is available now worldwide for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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