Eureka! Bubble Genius Reinvents The Bubble Shooter

Outplay Entertainment’s Exciting New Bubble Shooter Coming Soon to iOS and Android.

Pop into a world that’s bursting with innovative fun in Bubble Genius, Outplay Entertainment’s new bubble-shooting adventure! Featuring five different gameplay styles, a host of clever puzzles, and a cast of colorful, charming characters, it’s an invention players are sure to love.

In Bubble Genius, players help Penny, a brilliant but eccentric scientist, as she tries to put a stop to the bubble chaos unleashed by her envious rival, Vee. The scheming Vee has stolen Penny’s bubble generator and is trapping everything—and everyone—in giant bubbles!

Fortunately, the bubble generator wasn’t Penny’s only creation. Penny’s assortment of quirky but effective contraptions, like the Aim-O-Matic targeting system and the E-Z Zap lightning bolt, are ready for action. And Penny’s most endearing invention, Gizmo the robo-cat, is always by her side.

“Bubble Geniusis a captivating adventure with unique gameplay and lovable characters,” said Richard Hare, President, Outplay Entertainment. “Players will enjoy helping Penny as she travels through a graphically-stunning world, using her clever inventions on her quest to save her town.”

Bubble Genius will release on iOS and Android as a free-to-play experience with optional premium purchases.

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