eSports WRC Round 3 – Rally Guanajuato Mexico

Third qualification round for the season finale at Wales Rally GB 2016.

eSports WRC is the first international online FIA World Rally Championship competition. eSports WRC brings the best WRC 5 drivers together for a tournament that lasts from January to October, at the same time as the 2016 WRC season. eSports WRC is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Let’s go to Mexico for the third qualifying round of eSports WRC Championship!

eSports WRC’s third qualification round is on a stage called Ibarrilla made of sand (50%) and gravel (50%). Ibarrilla is 8.38 km long and requires a high level of attention if you want to cross the finish line without any technical troubles. The Rally Guanajuato México is the first gravel event of the season and drivers must remember how to master those dirty roads. It takes place in Léon, 400km north-west of Mexico City and the route climbs to the season’s highest point at 2737m.

The weekend’s final will be broadcast live on Twitch ( on Sunday 6th March, from 4.00pm (GMT+1). The excitement of eSports WRC will hit a new level during this live session as René and Sebastian, your eSports WRC hosts, will unveil the main prize of the competition and introduce a new tournament system! You can’t miss it!

Nine players qualified in Monte-Carlo and Sweden for the first semi-final (Rally Italia Sardegna), with the best 3 drivers on each platform.

The eSports WRC season is divided into two halves with 5 qualifying rounds and a semi-final for each half. The semi-finals will be played online during Rally Italia Sardegna (9 – 12 June) and Rally RACCCatalunya (13 – 16 October), right before the grand finale at Wales Rally GB, where the best 18 drivers will be invited to fight for the title. eSports WRC is a virtual adventure which will put players in the boots of real drivers as they feel the excitement and the pressure of rallying / competing in the most difficult and challenging conditions as the real stars of the WRC do!

The tournament is organised by Bigben Interactive, Kylotonn Games and WRC Promoter, in conjunction with ESL, the world’s largest eSports company.

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